11 March 2019


I am always struggling with this blog anymore. Lack of traffic. No comments. At a loss for content and direction. I have come to realize that some of the lost direction was of my own making. Some is my inability or willing to shift my thinking to doing a blog to be viewed on  mobile phones and not on home computers or turn the blog into some sort of social media site all over Twitter or Facebook.  I doubt I could do that successfully even if I wanted to.  But mostly I realize I shifted from doing posts on older movies (before 1990) and began doing more and more newer films, which I just do not like for the most part. The tone of my posts became more negative and cynical because the movies I began watching more and more made me feel that way. Then recently I became upset over the whole Social Justice trend in films, such as the Marvel movies and many TV shows. It was just pointless for me to take on such issues and yet I did out of some sort of frustration. Most likely the frustration was over matters in my own personal life that I had no control over and I needed to vent somehow, somewhere. My early posts were not so bitter and angry I fund when i reviewed my blog recently. 

Much frustration is around just trying to maintain the blog at all from inside China where Google and Blogger are blocked, along with a few thousand other websites. But the truth is I am tired of the cynical blog posts and reviews of movies I hate. From this post onward I want to go back to doing the type of reviews I used to do and enjoy. I wanted to do more current films in an attempt to attract more readers. Maybe my old Al Adamson and Ted V. Mikels films were too old and obscure. But in truth nothing changed in terms of traffic. No more comments than before (meaning about zero). So, why not just do what I want to do. Do it for myself and hopefully a few other people. No more angry SJW rants. No more angry reviews of newer crappy movies, only lukewarm to supportive reviews of older crappy movies. I changed the general appearance and really want to write again the way I used to. Maybe I cannot exactly of course, but beginning today (12 Mar 2019) I will try my best to get back to my roots. 

Long Live the New Flesh. 

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Roger said...

Hi, Bill,

It seems the whole blogosphere (an actual word now) has moved from the personal, intimate and niche to some perceived race for popularity. Seems like a deal with your own encroaching death.

You can do it to get likes, comments and free movies sent to you (usually the cheap terrible current shot-on-video kind) or you can do it to express your love for old "unknown" trash films that it always turns out someone else out there loves too.

I hope you're able to find the balance here since I enjoy your posts when they arrive.

Cheers, Roger

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