10 December 2018


Takashi Miike's 1999 crime/horror film Audition is without a doubt one of my favorite's of the genre. I am not going to do a review here but I may shortly as I recently rewatched the film and it seemed to leave a new impression on me. I have seen it about six times I am sure. I cannot say I really enjoyed most of the Miike films I watched. They had moments but in the end I prefer something with a more linear narrative. Many of his films are hard to follow storyline wise but Audition is not. In fact it a brilliant piece of filmmaking and storytelling but not an easy watch for most people. So I made some nifty screen captures on my iPad and some came out pretty good and I thought I might share them with the reader here.  I left the subtitles in as it can create a cool effect. If you have not seen the film and want to I advise not looking at them as they are set up in a sequential order and would most definitely add a spoiler effect to the viewing later. 




Dr. Theda said...

Heard about this one (seen a few rather disturbing clips)... we know the basic story-line ... Some really good images posted from this film ... well done post

Bill Dan Courtney said...
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Bill Dan Courtney said...

Dr.T - Sorry took a while to see your comment. yes, I recommend you see this one Dr. It is pretty good, a good story although th e last part is pretty freaky.

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