04 August 2018


I put the word DEATHS in the title in quotations marks because who knows right? Are you going to convince me that Spiderman's demise is permanent? I think not. But since Thanos snapped his cute fingers and half of all life in the Universe vanished in a not too horrible way (I hope I can go like that when my time is nigh) we found ourselves either grieving or (in my case anyway) rejoicing at a few of the losses. Now while I was sad about a few more deaths than I can mention here, like Black Panther, Bucky, Spidey (yea, right! ) space and laziness will not permit me to explore all my tangled emotions on the matter.  I narrowed it all down to two happy and two unhappy abouts that may sum it all up for me. 


MANTIS: You know, I hardly remember this character from the comic books, but I really liked her in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. I found her to be sort of cute and sweet and even a bit sexy. Okay, quite a bit sexy. But in that nice way, not that angry Natasha Romanoff sort of way. She is the kind of superhero I might ask even out for a latte you know. And I really felt like she would have said yes. I probably could have even gotten her to pay you know. I don't think there is anyone else I have a chance with :(

LOKI: I know Loki was actually an evil, bad guy but he was not really all that evil. Not like Red Skull evil. He is the sort of evil, bad guy I could hang out with. Maybe with Mantis in the coffee house you know. In the films I liked the chemistry and comic interplay between Loki and Chris Hemsworth’s Thor as well as the anger and rivalry. Tom Hiddleston had a really cool look and I just hope that he will find a way to return in a future movie, but I have read it is final. But he's a friggin' wizard man! Like Dr. Strange! If Spiderman is back making sequels than they can be too gosh darn it! 


NICK FURY: Okay, I actually like Nick Fury as a comic book character and I once owned the whole Jim Steranko series as well as many drawn by Jack Kirby. And here I guess it gets into that touchy and goofy area of race and can a privileged white dude criticize a black man for playing a character that is supposed to be white and not be branded a Nazi loving KKK member. On top of the race issue there is another problem called loud mouth Samuel L. Jackson. Whose bright idea was it to cast a man who looks like a wife beating crack addict in every role he has played to be the head of a super secret organization tasked with saving the world on a daily basis? But in the end, could a black guy have actually played the character? Sure. It is plausible. However, not the case with my next entry.

HEIMDALL: I like the actor Idris Elba usually (whereas most of the time I do not like Samuel L. Jackson and his mono-performance style of acting. Unless he is playing another loud mouthed crack head, gangster I can't relate to him) but I cannot really buy into a black guy being a Norse god. Not plausible. Plain and simple. Solution to the problem: Could have made Elba into Nick Fury (although I think Alec Baldwin would have been better), cast a Norse looking man (meaning white, very white) as Heimdall and never given Jackson a role in any Marvel movie ever and I would have been slightly happier. Okay, Jackson could have been the Red Skull, certainly. Shit he already looks like the Red Skull. This is just an example of political correctness run amok. "We must make some of these Norwegian gods black! WE MUST!"You can just feel people daring you to challenge the decision, including Elba himself judging form interviews I have read. Anyway, lets move on. He is dead now. Like Nick Fury. And unlike Mantis and Loki I am hoping Nicky boy and Heimdall stay that way. 


Tom Dulski said...

I refuse to watch any more Marvel movies because they seem to have an multi cultural agenda that is too over the top for my taste. I watched the first 10 minutes of this movie on a plane and thought the cgi on Thanos and hulk was very poorly done.

Bill Courtney said...

Tom: yea, I am getting burned out with it too.i enjoyed the movie because I watched it with my wife and it was that sort of thing. Fun husband wife deal. Had a good time, but I do not like the direction things are going at all. Already reading stuff about how to further “ diversify” characters rather than to just make a good rousing feature. More and more noise from the LGBTQ fringe to have some sort sexually confused character introduced as soon as possible because it not so important that a hero save the universe as it is that that hero is gay or lesbian or worse. I actually spend my time watching old films, Euro sleaze, but do not write about that stuff any more. Always want to but I don’t seem to, like I used to. Maybe a post theme? Thanks.

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