20 July 2018



I m not a fan of Stranger Things or any TV show really. I don't like the way TV shows drag on and on any more and try to keep the viewer engaged by throwing in one curve ball after the other in the story arc. By the way, what he hell is an actual story arc? I gave up on The Walking Dead and I think I will be passing on the new season of Fear the Walking Dead. The list goes on and on actually of TV shows I start off liking then get fed up with, and it seems Stranger Things just got added to that list. I did like season one and felt it was going to go somewhere. I had a few issues of course but I waited until season two was complete and then down loaded the entire season. (I live in China and American TV shows specifically and non-Chinese TV shows generally  are all blocked here. I have to download them basically or do without.) So I got into the early episodes but I got worried by the introduction of the Mad Max character ( an unattractive boyish looking red haired girl) and her possible romantic relationship with either Dustin or Luke. I just hoped it was not going to go in that direction. I just did not want the show to go into sappy pubescent love stories. And of course it did with the characters of Eleven and Mike, and we sort of saw that coming from season one even, although I could have done without that as well.

The first episode of season 2 starts off with an awkward situation where Luke's race (he is black if you do not know by now) is addressed in an odd way. The boys all are going trick or treating as the characters from Ghost Busters but Luke resents that the others assume he is going to be Winston, the only black member of the Ghost Busters. Jeesh, go figure. This is based on the name tags every one is wearing on their costumes. Luke wants to be one of the other white team members and says he does not like the Winston character and criticizes Mike for not wanting to Winston, simply because Mike is not black. Of course mike mumbles in embarrassment and is feels shames deep white guilt inside. But what is the point of all of that? That racism exists because Luke does not want to be the black Ghost Buster character and the other whites guys in the show just assume he will be? The seasons gets stranger when it becomes obvious there is a romantic vibe developing between Max and Luke.

In the last episode the gang all go to the Snow Ball, the big Christmas secular holiday dance and Dustin even gets help from Steve Harrington in getting himself a doofy pompadour to impress Max, but slick Luke wisks her away and in a completely awkward scene he and Max kiss. I got you a nice animated gif above so you can watch it over and over if you want. And so what is the point of all of this in he show? why was it necessary to have tomboyish Max even have any romantic (ergo sexual) interest in any of the boys? And why does it have to be the only black lead character in the series? The show takes place in the mid 80's in a small town in Indiana. I was born in Indiana, not a hot bed of diversity. But here the whole relationship is presented in the way interracial relationships are always treated by the new woke and social justice driven Hollywood presents them: as not worthy or a second glance from anyone else. The way it is shown that Luke is attracted to Max and is in competition for her on the same terms as Dustin is absurd. Of course race is shown to be an issue when Luke objects to being Winston, but it is not an issue when he wants to have a love relationship with a white girl. No one in group objects at all. So why was Luke crying about the Ghost Buster issue? Makes no sense.

This is yet again an attempt by Hollywood to create a seemingly color blind world that in reality does not exist. Why does Luke have to love a white girl? It elevates the status of his character of course. Why not actually create another black lead character for the show, a female one, and have Luke become smitten with her, the way it would probably actually happen in real life? Because in the crazy upside down world of progressive Hollywood, that could be construed as racist. Suggesting that one black character could only be attracted to another black character is like saying that that black character should go trick or treating as the only black Ghost Buster character. He can go as a white Ghost Buster if he wants. And why not create a world more fantastic than the one that exists under Hawkings Indiana where white ands black teenagers smooch in public and it is all quite normal. Of course here comes the matter of people wanting to appear "woke" and "enlightened" and they fear to make a criticism of this for fear of being branded a racist. The same way people who questioned whether Norse gods should be black in the Thor films were labelled racist.

I am not sure what will be done with the relationship in season 3. Maybe the race aspect will be dealt with. Max's step brother the evil Billy does not like Luke. His budding relationship with Max will not make him happy. But I doubt that any racial anger will be displayed from Billy. It will be anger at Luke for being a geeky, weirdo guy only. Race will not be addressed here, I can almost guarantee it. But in the real world the race factor would be at the forefront. I do notice online that many fans accuse Billy of racism, although he has never made one single racist comment in the whole season. It must be for no other than he strongly dislike Luke, but he actually strongly dislikes everybody of every race and all two genders. When I check the news in the US these days all I see is racial tension and violence. I do not see peace and harmony and color blindness. In the rest of the world it is even more pronounced. I am in China and married to a Chinese woman. My race is always a factor here. Race is real and it is a factor in social relationships. When people meet me for the first time with her (they know she is married but they do not know I am a white foreigner) their eye balls pop out their heads and their jaws droop slack in sheer disbelief. It is really annoying. But it is the way it really, really is.

If you search the topic on line you will find many people dealing with the race aspect, but many more take to the net to protest that the actress playing Max was distressed that the kiss was unscripted. No mention of the race factor in those types of threads. But I sense it is something that is there but the posters are scared to bring it up. I understand. I am too almost, but nobody reads this measly ass blog anyway, so no biggie.

Luke as the token black character was always a problem for me anyway. But seems the writers felt compelled to make one character black. It was the ethically right thing to do. Which is okay, but I just did not like the character. Actually all of them are annoying to me, Dustin being the worst. But they felt they needed to raise the status of their one black character and the quick easy way to do that was to make his kiss and later, I assume, fall in love with a white girl. They couldn't figure out any other way to do it I guess. Now he is equal to the other white guys even if he is still the only one who resembles Winston. But not to get stuck on just this black and white love angle, I also did not get into the kiss between Mike and Eleven and the message it is sending of another impending and boring romantic twist to the story. With the older characters okay, although that boney teenage girls freaks me out, but these are nerdy kids caught up in a conspiracy theory story and I don't think we need to muddy up the already convoluted storyline more with stupid budding teenage romances. I think I have lost interest in the show.

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