14 July 2018

ANONYMOUS 616/2017

I think this movie started off with a Nietzsche quote. I am not going to go back to double check, I may be wrong because so many lame indie horror movies use a Nietzsche quote during the opening titles anymore. And it is always either the one about what does kill you or be careful when you set out to destroy monsters you do not blah blah blah. I am of the opinion that any horror movie that starts off with nudity, or shows the monsters too soon or opens with a Nietzsche quote is going to be pretty bad. Anonymous 616 from “writer/director” Mike Boss is another one of those new indie style horror movies that takes place in one setting and features a cast of about four people with a few extra characters here and there for a couple minutes. The Roman Polanski film Carnage has a cast of four people and everything takes place in one apartment and it is a genuinely “riveting” film. But, Mike Boss ain’t Roman Polanski. And I put riveting in quotations because that word appeared a few times in fan reviews for Anonymous 616. Some people love this indie tripe. It is not even remotely riveting. You may have to rivet your eyelids to your forehead to keep them open but the movie is dismal at best.

Four old friends sit around one of the character’s small apartment and basically talk and talk. And talk. Later the host lets everyone ingest some sort of psychotropic drug, one of the new fangled so called designer drugs all the kids are doing these days, and this allows one of the guests to have contact with somebody called anonymous 616 in some chat room. The anonymous person begins to convince the guy he needs to act on his God-like properties and just do what it is he wants to do. Don’t hold back, be a God! So he tortures and kills everybody in the place. The actor playing the character Jason is Daniel Felix de Weldon and he has the most annoying appearance. Not like a cool Christopher Walken type annoying appearance, just that “why do I have to look at this ugly face in the lead role for 90 minutes in a movie” appearance. The actors are uniformly bad and the script they are given isn’t much to go on in the first place. Jason’s girlfriend is black. For some reason one character playing a “partner” in a social group of white people has to be black in movies anymore. It adds nothing to the to story to make the character a POC (Person of Color for you unwoke people out there) other than to make the viewer wonder if he is a bad human being for being perplexed why this particular character is not white.

It is because of movies like this I hate watching horror/thriller styled movies any more. I can recommend Carnage. I cannot recommend this. And poor, innocent Nietzsche now has his name associated with it (I think).

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