11 July 2018


We went to Malaysia for a couple weeks and have some pictures of that I will share. But, before I do I want to first share with you these wonderful and quaint  little illustrations that are used to promote some feature in Google Photos (basically the new Picassa I guess)  called Assistant. This is used to collect photos together and create a politically correct load of social justice bullshit sweet little movie complete with some music. Now, anybody who follows this blog (and if you check it once a year that constitutes following in my book) knows I am not the type to get warm fuzzy feelings that often. But the joy I felt at seeing these images moved me to share the feature so you too can enjoy its benefits. As we see in the first image called Smiles we have a happy white dude smiling with his happy black female friend. I am not sure but I think she is related to Maxine Waters. As we know white guys in the west always have in their Google Photos collections tons of smiley photos with their BFFOC, Black Female Friends of Color. It is basically a day to day reality. Much of the time the white man in the image here is apologizing profusely for heinous crimes his race committed against her's long ago. Which is odd, because his family immigrated from Sweden in the early 20th century, but it still matters you know. But even more common is the warm image in picture two, promoting Mother's Day. Yes, much more common is a white woman with a BOC. That would be Baby of Color. White women in America now rarely if ever give birth to actual white babies. For some reason white Bernie Sanders supporting females are able to give ten times the love if the child is adopted and of another race. Well, she can certainly rest assured she is both morally superior and more virtuous at the same time. Something I surely cannot lay claim to.

Now in picture three we have Love Story. Celebrating romantic relationships. Sigh. Love. And here we have what appears to be, well, a couple gay dudes. But not only gay, but the gay dude on the left appears to be a GDOC. That would be Gay Dude of Color. Here they enjoy a romantic moment, perhaps watching a sunset, before they head off to the gay movie house later for a "romantic" film and lots of anonymous sex with lots of other gay dudes. Ain't lover just grand. Now the last picture, to be used for Father's Day, at first glance appears to be the odd one out. What is this? Members of the same race being happy and cheery? Well, yes, but it is okay so long as the race in question is not white. Or even Asian for that matter. But maybe this guy is Pakistani you know. And these days some people do not like to say the terms Middle East or Arab World. They like to call all people east of the Nile river and West of Hawaii Asian now. So, maybe he could be called Asian. Or he could be Hispanic (that means like Mexican) or possibly black. Well, it is confusing. But we are damned sure he ain't white so we can relax. And it is even possible he is gay and he and his partner adopted the baby, and I guess you can't have a better father to remember on father's day than a GFOC. And yes, that would be Gay Father of Color. But, also, I think that baby could be the same baby the white woman is holding in picture two. So, I am not sure what the hell is going on now. Is that non-white dude her partner? Remember, never say husband or wife  or boyfriend or girlfriend, that is really offensive to just about everybody. We are all just partners. Anyway, that goofy ass baby looks about the same to me, so the mind boggles at the possibilities here. All we know is, thank God, that we are not dealing with a white, straight husband/wife couple with a potentially white straight baby. That will not do! Later I will see if there is anything I can get of of this amazing feature. Right now it does not look promising for me though. 

And so my wife and I spent a couple weeks in Malaysia, in the area of Kuala Lampur. We actually did a Vipassana Meditation retreat but I am not going to talk too much about that . Not that I don't have things to say, but just don't want to share that part of my life. Anyway, as they say iGermany kurzgesagt (in a nutshell) I love to get out of China when I can if no other reason than to eat some decent food. Sick of local style Chinese food. Cheap noodles and rice covered with greasy stuff with few if any other options depending on where you live. And the food options in KL were great. It was hot. Super hot and humid. And when it rained it rained. Don't get me wrong, these places can be trying on your nerves and stamina as well and in the end I am happy to be home. Hell, even had some rice with greasy stuff earlier. 

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