17 June 2018


Our little neighborhood on the edge of North Kunming got itself a movie theater. I twas so tiny and had no real outside promotions that I figured it was just one of those places that play old kung fu movies and soap opera all the time. But, they had Avengers: Infinity War a couple weeks ago. We didn't go see it. But yesterday we went to see the new Jurassic World movie. There are no outside movie posters or anything, no marque type of advertising. It is up on the third floor of the "Creative" mall (which totally ripped off its logo from the Creative computer audio cards and speakers company). It was way in the frigging back of the place. Made me wonder how legit this theater really was and if Hollywood even gets any money out of this place. There were not even any posters in the lobby area. But, the theater was actually quite nice and the sound system was pretty good and in typical Chinese fashion it was cranked up to 11. 

We opted to not get any nasty concessions. I do not like sugary popcorn myself. When we left we walked around the place to see if there might me a place to eat but all they have are these weird hot pot places. I abhor hot pot myself. And that is literally ALL they had other than some dumb ass yogurt stands and some joint called Happy Potato that basically gives you a warmed up sweet potato in a paper bag. But, the flick was decent (though not the type I review) and the audience was pretty well behaved. Even a bunch of kids in there were pretty quiet, maybe getting into the movie that I felt might have been a little too much for some of them but they seemed to dig it. Guess we may go back although it definitely will only be big Hollywood blockbusters only here, no independent style films. But, still, it is across the street and maybe next time we will snag up a Happy Potato on the way out. Woo hoo!


Tom Dulski said...

So how's the movie? It's probably the only movie i will see in a theater this year.

Bill Courtney said...

Yea, it was good.I liked it. But I sort of do not post about those big, current movies. But I tend to prefer newer big budget horror and sci-fi stuff. The new Alien movies for example. I like 'em. I usually don't post about them because there is already so much out there. I tend to write about the under the radar stuff, the oldies but moldies and overrated indie films. But sure, this one was a lot of fun. Could see some things coming a mile away but it was cool when they finally arrived.

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