22 June 2018


In my seemingly endless and ongoing struggles with social media I just deactivated my Twitter account. I don't know why I started one up in the first place but I guess I thought it might be a good way to promote this blog and share "engaging" content. During the period I was using Twitter again I also tried to start up a new Facebook account, and found I am basically permanently banned from having an account there. I deactivated and deleted my old account there. I was not kicked off nor got warnings for anything. The only things I can think of is maybe since I quit before I am possibly flagged and their Orwellian algorithm system automatically rejects me. Or, the fact that I use a VPN and sometimes used to access the site from like three different devices, all showing a different IP address. Come to think of it I get get messages about that. Or, that I added too many "friends" in order to get the site going, again with the intention of maybe reaching a few more readers for this measly blog. After sending a couple appeals to FB I let it drop and then began to remember why it was I quit the site in the first place and took the rejections as a blessing in disguise.

With Twitter I just got back into my old rut of getting burned out with my brilliant and world changing content not being "liked" or retweeted. I know a person needs time and all that but in the end I just got bummed out. I was following like 1200 people and over five hundred followed me and I just got no real responses to anything. A few, but not want I desired. I then began to realize why it was I quit my old Twitter as well. I tried to avoid all the political threads and just focus on movies, music and comic books but in no time I was bored and exasperated. Sometimes I would break the flow of a movie I was watching in order to make screen captures to Tweet, only to have none of them liked or loved by anyone. Soon I am leaving cynical "comical" replies to other people's stuff just to get some interaction going. What a waste of time. And in the end my stats showed barely any traffic from there unless it was during some peak period of Tweet activity, and then I might only get like seven hits here. 

I realized I didn't really care as much as I thought I did about getting traffic here anymore. I read some articles recently on people having a feeling one day Google could just drop the Blogger product, the way it did Google Videos, Google News Archiver, the Google Reader and some other products people liked. Some people say it will never happen but I am not so optimistic. I decided recently that should the day come that Blogger simply vanishes it will just be the end of my illustrious blogging career. I will not go to a hosted service or another free service like Wordpress, which actually is totally really free like they say. It is for their crappy free templates and bear minimum of editing options but I need more than that. Instead I will just vanish into the cyber void and be forgotten by all the people who never knew me in the first place. Maybe I was seeking some sort of validation I can never have in the fickle and nebulous world of the Internet. Maybe I was even seeking some sort of immortality. Even if it was just that my bizarre movie blog would be around for a while after I am gone and some future form of human would stumble over it while tapping into the ancient history of the Internet and give it good "meh" at least. 

"They adore me on Twitter!"
I guess I am not one to really get into all the social media stuff the way other people can. I sometimes get hurt or angry over what I see or misinterpret as slights. And sometimes by what are really slights and offenses. You have to be thick skinned to thrive in that world and I am not. In the end who knows why I quit Twitter this time, but I am sure all the stupid Freddie Mercury Tweets didn't help me. That's right, I hate Freddie Mercury and I hate Queen and those guys are worshipped on Twitter. I just couldn't take seeing one more "pic" of Freddie's rat face. Yea, I think in the end it was Freddie Mercury's fault. And all the Trump and Roseanne and lame Social Justice bullshit didn't help, even though I tried to filter that shit it came through. There were a couple cool people there for sure but over all I just do not seem interested, so why stay even if it gave me 500 hits of traffic a day here? Okay, for 500 hits a day I could put up with people worshipping rat face Freddie. But not for seven.


Tom Dulski said...

I'm not quite sure how twitter works nor do I understand it appeal. No great loss.

Pappy said...

Hey, Bill, I like your blog. I read your postings as being cranky, which is entertaining. I love to read people who have strong opinions and tell the world. Hell, yeah...that's what the Internet is for.

I am fascinated by your stories of living in China, which sounds so alien to me it might as well be Mars! I also enjoy the hell out of your movie reviews, even a savage review like you gave The Monster, because I don't watch a lot of horror movies, but when I do I like to see something that doesn't suck. So thanks for that.

I could have used your tell-it-like-it-is reviews on the last two or three horror movies with high ratings I tried watching on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Sorry I can't remember the names, because they all run together in my mind.

Keep up the good work. Never pull your punches; go for a knockout every time.

Dr Blood said...

Yeah, I quit Twitter a very long time ago too. It's too full of Left wing politics now for my taste. It was better when it was nothing but the "World's Biggest Chatroom", but now it's full of unhappy people just waiting for normal folks to say something stupid so they can all virtue signal about it.

Keep writing, I'll still keep reading, by and by.

Bill Courtney said...

To you guys, thanks. Comments motivate even me even if i seldom get any.

Tom: Right. I almost regretted it and thought about getting my account back (you have 30 days to change your mind) but opted out and decided to let it go. All the hate and bile that is there is too much for me.

Pappy: Pappy. I know your blog too. Old comic book stuff. I have had you on my blog roll for who knows how long. Yea, I think you're right. A bit cranky here, but not dangerous. I have been seeing a lot of films I like lately too, but for some reason it is so much more fun to write about the bad ones :) I like the older stuff more and if you notice my reviews of them are more gentle even if I did not liek them. All this weirds new stuff. So angry and full of gratuitous foul language and unlikable people. Burned out with it. But will be doing some posts soon on some of the stuff I like as well. Thanks!

Dr. Bloood

Yes sir, I always feel better knowing you're still out there. I do not know if you're still blogging. I only read what runs through my blog roll. I miss the old Google Reader. I sort of stopped reading things as much since that vanished. Thanks brother in pain!

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