25 May 2018


In a more relaxed time it was not considered a bad thing for a chunky gal in garter belts to get on her knees and grovel before a psycho in a skeleton suit. Here Kilink demonstrates how the man should assume the proper pose. 

Here Kilink shows how to get a woman to warm up to you if things are going slowly on your first date. All you have to do is get her in her black underwear  and tie her hands up. it has been shown that after her hands are tied up things will go the way you desire the rest of the evening. 

 Kilink here fondles and gropes a female who happens to be clad in her underwear only. Her spacey stare and the glass in her hands indicates she may be pretty drunk. This is very romantic. I for one miss the good old days, when men and women seemed to get along a lot better and the gender roles weren't so blurred. 

Fun loving girls can play around by themselves as well. Sometimes if there is nothing else to do they can just tie each other up and scratch up one another's tummies as well as smear lipstick all over each other's faces. Lots of fun. Usually guys just like to sit back and watch this sort of girlish behavior. 

Not all guys can be as cool and slick as Kilink and so they will not get all the masculine looking Turkish women he can get. Don't beat yourself up and just do the best you can. 

It is okay to tie women to weird torture devices and even choke them and make them scream in fear. So long as they give their consent first however. This is where a lot of dating confusion and lengthy prison terms have come from in the modern dating scene. 

A lot of women like to kiss psychotic killers through their skulls masks, but they may not admit this to their friends and family members. You just need to play it by ear. Learn to read the signals.

In the end it is really cool to part of the modern dating scene but just remember to respect boundaries. Remember guys, NO means keep trying until they hit you and run away screaming. Then that is time to accept she is not interested. Learn to read signals. Show respect. Also the more Turkish and manly  the woman looks the more flexible the boundaries will be. 

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