20 May 2018


I will still not be using Facebook for several reasons but decided to start a new twitter account with the single purpose of trying to get a few more visits a month to this blog. I don't do too much there but you are free to follow me. Or block me if you want. Think I care? Well, okay, I prefer if you follow me to be honest. And it does hurt to get blocked. Especially by family members. So, yea, I do care. Please don't block me. Please. Anybody who follows me I follow back. That's just the kind of desperate loyal guy I am. I have a Google + account too, but is about like an extra toe I guess.

30 May 2018 NOTE: Well, that didn't last long. I lost all the people I was following. I followed about 400 maybe and today I suddenly only have 2. I don't know what happened and I don't care. earlier I and received some message about unusual activity and have to do a recaptcha thing. Oh well. Screw it I guess. It was a black hole there anyway although it did give me a slight boost in traffic while it lasted.

30 May 2018 (Later) NOTE: Fuck it, I'll try to salvage it. Not sure what happened. Went online, I am not the first, doubt I will be the last. So mote be it. 


Bob Johns said...

Ok followed

Bill Dan Courtney said...

Back at ya’ Bob, much thanks.

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