03 April 2018


Father, forgive them. They know not who they vote for. 

What's the buzz? Tell me what's a' happening? Well, for one thing this recent TV production of Jesus Christ Superstar looks look a load of retarded crap. And I will just come out and say it, casting an urban looking black dude as Christ is ridiculous and an utterly politically motivated move. Of some sort or another. Of what sort I have no clue but the source is coming from the left. I should say first that I am not a Christian, but that I also do not disdain Christianity or see it as the scourge of history and civilization. I sometimes read parts of the Gospels or the books of Pslams and Proverbs. I know about the book of Revelations from horror movies.  I am also not a fan of the Jesus Christ Superstar stage productions, including the hippie style Norman Jewson film, but the original studio recording (featuring the awesome Ian Gillian of Deep Purple as Jesus) on Decca Records is still one of my favorite pieces of music and occasionally I give a few favored tracks a "spin"on the old media player. I have seen clips of various stage performances on Youtube but I am not a fan of stage stuff. They are all just high school plays or talent shows with higher production values. Stage stuff always reeks of social elitism. Why in the hell people still even go to plays and musicals is beyond me. But who cares. Maybe I just have never seen a really good one. Well I have never even seen a bad one. Oh yea, I saw some weird ass opera/dance thing with the music of Philip Glass and the words of Allen Ginsberg. Yea, that's what happened to me maybe. I will also add that this is only piece of music I have ever listened to by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice. You know most people do not even know who Tim Rice is. Or even who Bernie Taupin is for that matter. You should know. Don't know about anything from Cats or any of his/their other stuff. 

But I just heard of this new JCSS yesterday and decided to check into it. I immediately hit the breaks when I saw that Jesus was black. Albiet a fairly light skinned black dude of course, but still black. Yea, that's right. I said it. Its the end of the world. What next? A black Buddha or Krishna? Unlikely. That wold offend the peoples of those religions. As it should. Of course we would never see a black Mohammed, who probably was the blackest of the bunch,  because that would be an utter insult simply by depicting the character at all and in way shape or form.   Islam must never be offended by Hollywood, Broadway or American television. Thats is called Islamophobia. Yikes! And not only that but people would be risking their lives in producing and attending Mohammed Superstar. We all know that is the truth. But why Jesus then? 

The main characters of JCSS are Jesus and Judas and the story centers on the troubled relationship between them, with Judas being portrayed rather sympathetically. The way it is done on the record is excellent. Jesus is played by John Legend  and Judas is played by Brandon Victor Dixon. Dixon is known for his role in some trashy sounding stage production called Hamilton that depicts the life of founding father and first treasurer Alexander Hamilton (the man on the ten dollar bill) as a person of color of one sort or another! The main performer is a hispanic guy. Yea. And the man who killed Hamilton in a dual, the then sitting Vice Presidency Aaron Burr, is played by Dixon. A black dude with a raging hard on for Mike Pence. It is utter liberal black/brown washing of history and no one eats it all up more than guilt ridden elitist white people with the spare bucks enough to afford the tickets to all these pricey shows. And hardly any religious character in history is more maligned and despised by American liberals and progressives than Jesus. Not even Satan is so hated. But suddenly give them a black Jesus and they be all over dat shit. "hey, I still hate Jesus, but since he is black now I better pretend to like him! I don't wanna be racist!" The show is praised and praised and praised by liberal white critics who are afraid to say anything negative about a musical with a couple black performers in the lead and a bunch of ghetto thugs and heavy metal rockers (like Alice Cooper himself who claims to be a Christian) as the rest of the cast.

 Ice Jesus Dogg busted by the Tattooed Sanhedrin Panthers! 

Is there something wrong with casting a black man as Jesus? I dunno. But I feel there may be.  Is there anything wrong with casting a white guy as Martin Luther King? I think so. And one can argue that no one knows what Jesus looked like. True. Or even if he actually existed at all I suppose and if he did he did not look like some heroin addicted Swede. But then, why not cast a Chinese guy as Jesus then!? Or at least a Mexican dude!? Or... a real Jewish person!? Because it HAS to be a black dude in order to make a point, and the cast should be made of people who hate conservatives and are anything but traditional Christians. Okay, I doubt hedonistic wild man Ian Gillian is a Bible thumper. And traditionally the role of Judas has usually (but not always) been a black performer in the JCSS productions, such as Ben Vereen who portrayed Judas in the early stage shows and as Carl Anderson did in the film adaptation. But this reeks of sickening social justice entertainment. The audience no doubt filled up by the likes who laughed and cheered when barf worthy Kathy Griffin chortled "suck it Jesus" when she received some vacuous entertainment award. Haha, that's funny and applause worthy you know. Telling Jesus to suck it. But they are standing in lines to get tickets to this tripe I can assure you. 

So, is there something wrong with casting a black man as Jesus? No, I guess not. But there is nothing wrong with Jesus being depicted in the image he has traditionally been portrayed in either. Out of a type of respect and reverence. There is no doubt the image that Buddha is depicted in probably in no way resembled a person from Northern India near Nepal. And by the way the little fat, laughing guy is not a representation of Buddha but a bodhisattva named Budai (in the Chinese) who was simply a monk. But who cares about that, we are too busy destroying the past and darkening the tint of history. Alexander Hamilton was a Mexican dude. And Jesus is some sort of black guy with six pack abs now. Hey, but Mary the prostitute is still a white gal! Well, whiteish. 

It is total social justice agenda driven propaganda. People who actually hate Jesus and the Gospels should research a word called eschatology. It one sense it refers to the signs that point to the end times. The end of the world as we know it. And man o' man, I see it everyday anymore.  I refuse to even watch any of this garbage politically driven production because in doing so I may give even partial validation to the mindset from winch it came. And that is that there is no nation that has ever existed that is more evil than America and no race of people more vile and deprived than white people and we will not rest until America is vanquished and replaced with the nation of New Wakanda and all white people, or white men at least,  are sterilized and forced into slave labor. White women can serve some "other" purposes. Wink wink, nod nod. And finally, until Charlie Brown is redrawn as a black kid and Linus is transgendered! 

The Last Supper. Now held at Mickey D's and 
served with a bottle of Moscato. 


Tom Dulski said...

Another great post. Who at this point it shocked by Hollywoods stunt casting of black actors? You had to see this one coming. I'm afraid its part of the way they do business now and we better just get used to it.

Bill Dan Courtney said...

Tom: I think we know black people rock and have a narrative to share. But once you began replacing traditionally white characters, or light skinned at least, like Nick Fury, Founding Fathers, maybe 007 and the historically accepted image of Christ then it starts to reek of progressive social/political tomfoolery. Like the blaxploitation films of the 70’s these moves are ultimately made by white folks with a couple agendas,a few perhaps noble, but i think money making is the main one.

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