18 April 2018


Back a long time a go when I still bought comics books I tried to collect everything I could drawn by Tim Vigil, even though I often found some of it a little too extreme in content for me. Not that I so easily offended but yea I can be if it seems gratuitous and for no other purpose than low brow shock value. By this time in life I had mostly stopped reading comics and bought them just for the art. I did not care for the story lines of some of his stuff, like Faust, but loved the meticulous and painstaking black & white drawings. This are later drawings and reflect what I think is best in Vigil's work. A rare eye for exquisite detail and drawing that seems to lack any Photoshopping. If there is digital enhancement, and there usually is anymore, I cannot detect it. The themes are are mostly vampire women in some sort of almost Hammeresque setting. Hard to go wrong with that as subject matter. 

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