03 March 2018


Way back when society was still color blind and
movies didn't all suck. Not like today, right?
Before I go into this article I should point out that I am honestly not adverse to interracial relationships. Most women I dated in my life were not white and I am currently married to a wonderful Chinese woman. One thing I know is that being in an interracial relationship will be an issue with other people at some point or another, whether for the good or the bad. But what I am noticing in some films I watch recently is the inclusion of an interracial relationship that is accepted without a second glance in the film. This seems to be, for lack of a better word, part of a larger progressive agenda by Hollywood to simply include more people of color into a movie story line where the cast is predominately white. Of course you could still have people of color… on screw it… black people in the film, but by making them the a love interest with one of the white cast you have visually put them into the center of the story line. And one could ask, “Well, what is wrong with that? Why can’t black people and white people be in love and be together?” Well, there is not “wrong” with it, other than that the types of interracial relationships we see in movies do not actually exist in the real world and Hollywood wants to skirt around race issues for the most part unless it is agenda driven and shows that people of color are almost always noble and good and white people are inherently racist and/or bigoted. And in some cases this is the way it is, but not in every single one. I will give three quick examples from three films I have seen recently, two of which I have already mentioned here.

THE MOUNTAIN BEWTEEN US: In this movie I could not finish and so really have no clue as to whether the racial differences between the two leads ever became an issue or not and I do care because I simply stopped enjoying the movie after the unbearable “love making” scene. Rather there is a scene towards the beginning where we encounter one plot device after another trying to set these two up alone in the snowy wilderness as soon as possible. In one scene the pair decide to charter a plane to be flown by Beau Bridges. When he asked where they are headed Kate Winslow says is going to her wedding. Beau then glances at the two and then with a beaming look of joy says ‘well congratulations!”, to which they say, basically, oh not us. What is odd about this scene is how the old white dude is utterly open and relaxed with a black British guy (Elba Idris) marrying a white lady and is positively radiating approval. In no way does the character even display and ounce of skepticism or disapproval. More like “why that is just so darn sweet and darlin’ you two! I think you all are about the 26th or so mixed couple I ran into this week.

What does good ol' boy Beau really think of the couple behind him? We'll never know, he is about to over act and have a stroke and die. Relax, the dog survives. 

SPIDERMAN: HOMECOMING: I touched on this movie already as well have not seen a superhero movie since it and doubt I will, and that includes the new Black Panther movie and the New Thor: Ragnarork movie as well. I am just not a little burned about with the new social justice Marvel and have been in a state of trying to accept it all since Samuel L. Jackson played one of my all time favorite Marvel characters Nick Fury. Fury suddenly seemed to be more like a wife beating crack addict than an ex-WWII war hero and now top agent of SHEILD. It is simply an example of not creating a new role for a black actor but rather taking one that was filled by a white dude and rewriting it. And the same in the Spiderman film where everyone but Peter Parker and the Vulture have become members of some ethic minority. And what is odd is how the love interest of Peter towards whatever the black girl’s character’s name is just tossed in in the audience’s face, daring someone to criticize it I sense, as if it is so common place there is no need to address it at all. My Chinese wife even blurted out “oh, is that how it really is in America with black and white people?” to which I replied “no”. Because, is it not. 

Smoking hot black chick. Nerdy white dude. See it every day in America.

WONDER: This is a paint by numbers feel bad through most but at the end feel good and gushy movie with Owen Wilson and Julia Roberts about the struggles of their son who was born either with facial deformities or facial differences depending on how realistically it is you look at life. Not a great movie or a bad one either. The saddest part was when Daisy the dog died I felt. In any case their daughter Via falls for a black dude Justin. This interracial relationship slid into the story in such a nonchalant fashion that it is really the most irritating of the three films here for me. In one scene the little “different” boy starts mimicking his big sis and her new boyfriend hugging and kissing. When she introduces Justin to her lily-white middle class family nary an eyebrow is raised. All is good and why not stay for dinner. The way his character is done and how it fits in the story his race actually becomes irrelevant and so why not just make him a white guy, which is most likely what a girl like Via would date in the first place.  

"Hey Via, you don't think your mom and dad will freak out if you bring a black guy home?" "Oh hell no, just as long as you are not a Republican it's cool."

So what is wrong with all of this? Why not show love and the truth that mitochrondrial DNA has proven race is an illusion? Why not show races getting along and loving one another? After all it does happen. Here and there and usually with struggles. A person has to be tough to hang in there in a mixed race or mixed culture relationship and I know it from experience. One problem for me is with the why the people of color… here the color being  a light toned black, at times a near beige,  in every film… are being represented. In each film the black person is essentially a white person with dark skin. All are highly educated and either successful or on the road to success. Going to Yale or Harvard soon or already enjoying the fruits of a career as a brain surgeon. None speak with any sort of dialect or accent unless it is an upper class British type that always makes Americans seem dumb in a conversation. They are all noble and ethical and not even equal to their white counterparts in terms of ethical decision-making, but well above them. Imagine in Wonder if the daughter Via had walked into the house and her new boyfriend was played by Snoop-Dogg or Ice-T. Do you know what would have happened? Nothing! It would have been the same reaction. In no case can it be shown that white people in modern progressive Hollywood movies would stoop to judge a person of color based on their appearance alone. And even if they did allow a drug user gangsta rapper into their homes I the end he would teach them all one by one about the reality of the world and they would all come to grips with their white patriarchal based bigotry and in the final shot they would all be smoking a crack pipe and laughing it up to rap songs about killing white cops. “Hey, thanks Snoop for showing us the truth!” Equally the white people are all progressively hip and guilt ridden over all their privilege and affluence and vote democrat, socialist or anarchist. They are wealthy and educated but open to a person of color preaching to them about oppression and institutional racism and nodding with lowered heads in shameful submission. But actually in these racial fairy tale films that never even comes up as an issue, because we are now past all of that.

It is all too unbelievable and a tad bit ridiculous in my view. Not engaging the way older movies handled the issues, even though they often sort of missed the mark but at least tried, while newer films are utterly politically driven with a boring progressive agenda. One that espouses in a progressive utopia race does not matter and people see each other for who they are inside and not for the color of their skin. Nice sentiment but it is not the way it is in the real world. There is the way things ought to be and then there is the way things are. 

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