10 February 2018



AMERICAN MADE: Watched about 10 minutes of this. Read it was supposed to be pretty decent, with Tom Cruise returning to actual acting rather than doing another goofy ass acton flick. Well, big problemo amigos. Shaky cam work. Yup. Pretty shaky. I mean super shaky ass cam work. Plus 70's style camera zoom ins. Sometimes a zoom in while the out of focus camera is shaking at the same time. I cannot follow a story with this type of camera work.  Cruise appeared actually to be playing the same arrogant, cocky asshole he has being playing his entire career, since Cocktail. No Born on the 4th July here. This will not help anyone forget The Mummy dude.

SUBURBICON: Loosely based, very loosely, on a true story I understand of the first black family to move into the  exclusive all white suburb community of Levittown Pennsylvania and the racism they encountered there. Though from what I read it is all pretty exaggerated in this mucked up anti-white, anti-republican, anti-American movie. Whatever that story actually is might be interesting if told with a less whimsical and overblown approach by a movie making team who takes it seriously and is not blinded by left wing Trump hating politics. But this mess was over for me in less time than American Made was. I usually like George Clooney, at least as an actor. I usually like Matt Damon and the Coen Brothers as well. Not all the time of course. And in this case I didn't like like any of them. The weird exaggerated acting and the hammer over the head liberal message about how horrible white American truly is (as told by super rich and super liberal white guys with a social justice agenda) was not to my liking. I am just not into the new style of social message movies. 

THE MOUNTAIN BETWEEN US: A black man and white women are stranded in the snowy mountains of Colorado and at one time Hollywood would have made that into a vehicle for trying to tell a social narrative on races. Here, unlike Suburbicon's non-stop in face preaching, the race issue seems to not even exist at all. It is not a black man and a white woman. Swell, it is just two people, you know. Like John Lennon's Imagine. I couldn't finish it, though not for that reason, so I am not sure what happened towards the end. It seemed to start off almost okay, maybe becoming an edgy survival film. Except that both characters, played by Kate Winslet and Idris Elba, are both well educated, super successful professional progressives and above noticing the color of another person's skin. Hell, had one been a straight guy and the other gay, or the women been a basketball star and the man a dwarf it would have all been the same I think. Nobody is different at all. And the "romantic" scene is simply too painful to watch. Both actors seem visibly uncomfortable and detached and the camera shot from Winslet's POV towards Elba's face as he is plowing into her was just bad cinema.

THE CLOVERFIELD PARADOX: And the last film here sort of got on my nerves quickly for a couple reasons. First I thought it might be a decent sci-fi flick but it just was not. Nothing ever happened. Okay, a guy pukes out some worms and a guy's arm has life independent of him, but it was mostly a bunch of tense talking and exaggerated emotions. See, people trapped in a closed, claustrophobic area  like a space station yelling at each other all the time creates, eh, tension and angst. But even more annoying was the (okay, I am almost afraid to bring this up after my last two films) fact that the station is ran a female person of color and that the majority of the crew are minorities. And the minority people hold it together while the few white folk, (who all seem to have some sort of annoying East European accent, meaning they ate not american white dudes but Euro white dudes )  on the ship are usually losing it and fighting amongst each other the most. The social justice style of movie making (director J.J. Abrams having turned the latest Stars wars feature in a SJW farce as well I understand as I have never seen one of new Star Wars movies) is consuming film themes like the Blob did theater goers.

Little skinny girls of color can lead the team better than any ex-marine white guy can and minorities of color (note, one has to constantly qualify groups with terms like "of color" now) make up the crew more and more while white dudes are relegated to secondary roles. In this case puking up worms and having their arms fall off. Remember in the old days it was always the black guy or Asian guy to die off first, well the tables are turning folks. Social justice is achieved! Which I guess is okay. No, actually it is not. It is absurd. In fact I am offended there was not a transgendered or non-binary crew member now that I think about it. It is really boring and lame and I find myself just hating newer films more and more because they all seem to think I need to learn to something from somebody in Hollywood. I really don't. I just need to see a good movie. Not one where Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi does not even bother speaking English and rather the crew speak Chinese to her. Oh yea... and where an actual monster is shown for like ten seconds at the end of the crappy movie! (I know this from fast forwarding through the film as I did not watch it because I felt like the cast were all from an America last, no borders rally.)


Tom Dulski said...

Funny, I never heard of any of these movies. they must have came and went quickly.

Bill Dan Courtney said...


Right. went under the radar fast though some people seemed to like the Tom Cruise one a lot. I just cannot sit through two hours of a film I cannot stand from the beginning, or finish one that takes a strange detour in the middle.

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