03 January 2018


I was looking through trailers of old Shaw Brothers films on YouTube late one dark and stormy  night and came cross this one for a film called The Oily Maniac, or 油鬼子 (you gui zi) in Chinese. (Okay, just showing off that I know a little Chinese. I am typically a pretty humble bastard). What struck me from the trailer ( I could not find the full movie) was the title and a couple scenes reminded me of a schlocky and disgusting movie I reviewed here a while back called The Greasy Strangler. In particular I noticed that in both films the maniac/strangler washed off in a drive-thru car wash. Have I uncovered something of significance here? Nah, probably not. The Greasy Strangler was revolting and this looks like just another goofy ass Shaw Brothers horror flick to watch for a good time only. In fact I think it is pretty sad I am able to draw a possible connection between two really obscure films few people in their right minds would even want to watch. Well anyway, I am gonna see if I can find the full Oily Maniac on YouTube and if I can’t maybe time to damage my good rating at Cinemageddon a little. Greasy and Oily, just the way I like my maniacs and stranglers.

UPDATE: I managed to find this with English subtitles finally. Will be checking it out and most likely doing a short review (all my reviews are short now, just one Word Document or so). There does seem to be enough of a similarity in parts that I feel confident in saying the Greasy Stranglers most likely received some "inspiration" from this oily bastard of a film. 

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