26 January 2018


So about two weeks back  I wrote a post saying I had deleted all my old podcasts and was considering redoing the whole approach to how I did them. starting over from scratch. I felt my old ones were long and rambling and not focused and had some audio issues. I felt I would be able to do a new style and because of past experiences have them be a little more focused and sound better, and also they would be shorter in length. Putting together a podcast is lots of work actually, more than putting together a written post  with pictures for sure. At the end of the post I was unsure of what I would do and said if just two people, just two, said "yea Bill, I hope you continue" then I would continue with doing them. well, not even two people said yea keep it up so I am dropping the podcast project and moving on. I did get one comment on that post which I appreciate. It is the only comment I have received for the past twenty or so posts. Hang on. Let me check... I was wrong. I have received about six comments in the last year. So it has been a good year for me. But, he did not say I should continue. So that is cool. It was hard work to do it and I really did not enjoy it and I see no point. Of all the podcasts I had done I do not think I ever had one comment one way or the other on them. So, that means best to let it go, be a man about it  and just limp off into the sunset with my horse and empty six gun to strains of Ennio Morricone.

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I just want to thank my biggest fan, Anonymous, for all his vague and generic comments. Thanks bro.