15 January 2018


I deleted all old podcasts posts because, well, they all sucked. Either in terms of quality or content. After years of the blog I had only about thirteen podcasts total and so my heart was perhaps not super into it. Or maybe it was but I did not know how to really manage the format to get the results I desired. I would listen to them later and found I just did not like them. Many were too long and rambling. I am not writing off the idea of doing some sort of podcast however. But ti will have a different approach if and when it returns. I will do a video styled podcast through Youtube (or even better through Internet Archives) and so in that style I can like some other people do and use some images to make the podcast a little more interesting. I may use Internet Archive as the video hosting service  simply to get away from the whole Youtube thing. I will never forget how one day I turned on an old Youtube account to find it all gone, removed by Google. The whole product for that account with no hope for recovering it. My heinous crime? Hosting a movie from the 1950's that had a passage of copyrighted music. 

Another aspects is that for the most part I seldom find myself listening to and enjoying other people's podcasts. Like mine, they rambled and strayed way off topic and showed little actual preparation and were way too long. To the tune of like two hours sometimes. I can barely watch a movie in one setting that is two hours much less listen to some podcast. However, I did find I liked podcasts or video casts or just videos that were no more than, lets say, eight minutes in length. A little longer than Stairway to Heaven, which is a song I never listen to anymore because I find it too long. I just skip to the guitar solo. But over all I find podcasts to be excruciatingly long and self indulgent.  Many people seem to lack a good voice or ability to improvise quickly. And I guess I fall in to that category myself. But I think a shorter format one a single topic (i.e. one movie review) can produce some more listenable results. It is certainly something I wold like to explore since I have the software and hardware and know places to host. But podcasts seem to be going the way of blogging in general.  Not dying off or vanishing, but morphing into something new that I may not like that much. Meaning they are to be experienced more on an iPhone or Android smart phone than on a home computer. I know my blog is culturally irrelevant and lacks any sort of redeeming qualities but I just feel i do not want it to be scrolled over and viewed  on an iPhone while killing time on bus or subway ride between taking selfies.  It might be shit but it is still the effort demands more attention than that or none at all. And by the looks of my hits the latter seems to be the option people are pursuing these days. 

But, lets wait and see. As well I want to return to simply writing things. I am watching lots of movies these days and not writing about any of them. Most I do not like but a few are pretty decent and some are just fun in an old school bad movie fashion. I like writing and I find it more therapeutic than doing podcasts. In any case, the old ones are all gone though I have my audio files still hosted at Internet Archives. I started to host some at Youtube with images and I got a couple thumbs downs and I said fuck this shit and took them down. Youtube for me has always sucked. I hosted some original music before. After like two years one song had four listens. Again, I said fuck this shit and removed them. I do not expect a million views of my original music projects but after two years to only see four made me feel like crap while videos of girls farting into phones is hot stuff. 

So lets see. Maybe, maybe not for the Uranium Cafe Podcast. If just two people say please Bill do it I will. Just two.


Roger said...

I'd love to hear a "managed", appropriately timed podcast. The only way I get through those 3-hour podcasts is to be on a long trip and for the speakers to be, at the least, interesting to listen to when they ramble off on tangents.

Cheers, R

Bill Dan Courtney said...

Right. I liked the long ones that were intriguing, like Coast to Coast with George Noory, though that was of course rather professional. Most of the little guys cannot keep it going for that long. They can do something, but then they hit their creative limit at about 30 minutes but then just keep going. Guess that is what a producer is for.

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