22 January 2018


I was looking at some of my early posts and I noticed over time my tone grew more and more cynical in terms of how I treated films I reviewed. There may be a couple reasons for this. One is very important in that in the middle area of this blog's post history there are about 100 posts from my discontinued Necrotic Cinema blog. The movie there were more recent horror movies and there cynical and critical tone of the posts was deliberate. Since I tended to not like the movie too much and expected more from it. With thins blog the original intention was to review older more "psychotronic" style films and I treated them a bit more gently although many of those films are known to be pretty bad and schlocky. And yet, I enjoy them anyway. Even recently with my return to older films I notice my tone is more easy going even wen I am panning the film in some aspects. 

So, this is the deal. It may come as a surprise but I am a Buddhist. Yea, I am a Buddhist who likes horror movies. Okay. But I do not like my cynical and angry tone any longer and from this point onward I will be changing that as best I can. Does not mean I have to praise movies that irritated me. But no more name calling and bad four letter words. It can be more of a challenge for me as a "writer" to express my dislike in fairer terms, as I still want to write about modern movies which generated more negative responses from me. But some are fairly decent as well. I recently quit a couple horror related Facebook groups because the tone of the posts was always so negative and even vile. Just bitterly putting down films as idiotic and even criticizing people who might like them. I suddenly saw some of myself in those post and decided it was not who I wanted to be. I want to be Bill the nice guy film critic dude. I also find that using harsh terms and profanity affects my outlook later in the day and is in conflict with certain Buddhist ideas I try to adhere to best I can day to day. Probably might be best, according to my Buddhist wife, that I did not even do something like this blog at all, but I am not that enlightened. 

I will do my best to tone it down but still keep it interesting. 

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