21 December 2017


Peter builds up the courage to ask his secret crush if she wants to go to the homecoming dance
then go back back to his place and listen to Brown Sugar by 
The Rolling Stones (if MILFy Aunt May is out that is!). 
Its Foxy Brown as fucking Iron Man!
I am thinking that the new Marvel Spiderman movie, Homecoming, may well be my last marvel movie venture. The bottom line is simply I did not dig the disturbing politically correct twist to the story and characters. From white guys correcting white guys that it is not ‘cowboys and Indians” we played as little boys, but cowboys and Native Americans, to Peter Parker being smitten with a girl “of color” and every other character being Asian or Indian (dot, not feather, Indian) I just got burned out with the obviously left-wing, SJW agenda laden direction that the story line is taking and will continue to take, I assume, as it unfolds. I tried my best to accept Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury but just never could as Nick Fury was one of my all favorite Marvel characters, especially as rendered by Jim Steranko. Of course, this confirms I am nothing but a seething White Supremacist Neo-Nazi I. I always suspected it and tried to hide the truth from myself, but the whole Nick Fury deal brought it all to the surface I guess. But this is all tip of the iceberg stuff for me I guess as I struggle with the odd direction Marvel has gone with its Ultimate Universe stories, but as well I am not happy with issues outside Marvel movie, such as the current 007 should be a black guy debate or with odd recasting of old stores with either a black guy in the lead role (like the Magnificent Seven), or worse that a woman can replace a role traditionally held by a white dude (again, the 007 “Jane” Bond debate or that Thor is now a chick, or that Iron Man is a fifteen year old black girl).

I used to collect Marvel superhero comics from about 1969 to about 1975 or so. Bought every hero title and packed them away in little plastic bags with cardboard backs when I was finished. I also bought the horror comics and western comics and had a few DC titles and even romance comics as well. I guess I stopped buying comics after the prices went up and up more and more. I used to save my 50 cents a day lunch money and go to the convenient store with the spinning comic book rack or news stand and could buy 6 titles for a buck, get a black and white comic mag or two for under a dollar and still have enough left for a coke, bag of Taco flavored Doritos and a packaged pecan pie. Ah, the halcyon days of yore indeed. Later I just sort of grew out of superhero comics but still flipped through the titles at the stores as years went by. I do not feel I hold the characters in any sort of reverence and really on many levels could care less. But there is something else about all of this that annoys me.

Peter mulls over the strange realization that he is the only white guy in his entire high school. 

The issue seems to be the seething hatred towards, well, white guys and anything remotely traditional or conservative in American and Western culture in general any more. Mind you I live in China and have for almost 15 years. I will touch on that towards the end of this article because that certainly affects my outlook and perspective. I saw the film American Assassin and it was a mediocre action flick at best, but I noticed how, at the beginning anyway, the bad guys were Muslim extremists. Wow, what a stretch that is, right? And I got curious about how some reviews might take this and sure enough the film was panned for being Islamophobic, patriotic and (worst of all it seems) had a “white guy” as the hero. I can’t recall how many times I saw the term “white guy” typed out and I could just see the eyes of the angry female writer rolling up into her head as she banged on the keyboard in rage, from in the confines of her safe space,  that the evil patriarchal society around her will not just go away. However, Hollywood in the end blew it for me in the film by falling back onto the storyline that the ultimate bad guy was not in a fact a Muslim guy, but was the most evil kind of guy there is in the world. And that would be a white guy of course. Yet another Hollywood “terrorist” flick where the villain is in fact a right wing American, an ex-soldier who has become disillusioned with the evil empire of Amerika. But the fact that the good guy is white and a few bad guys are dark skinned and Middle Eastern is beyond reason and America should be ashamed for even releasing such a film. Why, how will the rest of the world look as us now?

Not the new Thor chick but suitable
for this article. Makes the point.
Well so it goes you know. And I just feel like it is all so stupid. I just saw a trailer for an action/horror movie called Annihilation with Jennifer Jason Leigh (whom I typically admire) where the cast of adventurers is all female on a girly-girl mission to rescue the guys. You knows, guys are dumb and useless and get captured so easily, so the girls have to go get them out of trouble... again. And I think it all hit me then. We must have more and more people of color and females and less and less of white dudes not only in films and comics but in life itself. And if as a white guy I disapprove of this then I am a hate filled honky. I do not think I am but I am sure there would be plenty of people who would say not so, since I feel it is okay to keep Nick Fury and 007 as white guys. Thor should have always balls and not boobs. You can have a comic book called Iron Girl, but you cannot call it Iron Man unless it is Tony Stark. Ms. Marvel does not have to be a teenaged Muslim girl. Yu can make a new superhero for a teenage Muslim girl. You can call it, hmmm, Jihad Girl or something. As Yaphet Kotto (from Live and Let Die) said, 007 is white and you can make a new secret agent and call him (or fucking her or whatever fucking pronoun de jour you choose) 006 or 008. Is it wrong to have black superheroes? No and there should be more. Can women have super powers? Yes, and in comics they long have. Can a Muslim teenage girl be a superhero? Well, no. But you can revive the old female heroes or black heroes or better yet, create new and maybe cooler and better ones. You do not have to make Spiderman half black and Hispanic or make Thor a chick or Captain America black. Again, is it okay to have a black superhero, yes, but it is also okay to have a white superhero, or white guy action hero. There is nothing wrong with 007 being white and staying white. It does not represent something evil. Is it okay to have a black 007? No. It is not. Make a new black hero. That is okay too. Better maybe. Why this instance on tearing things down? Is white washing an issue in films? Sure. The Ghost in the Shell movie was ruined by putting Scarlett Johansson in the lead role, that should have been a Japanese character. The new Mulan live action film by Disney should only be an Asian female. But a white woman or a black woman. It is okay to have certain races play certain roles, even if that race is white. 

I brought up earlier that I live in China and have for a decade and a half. I just want to point something out. This obsession with diversity and no borders and all of that is a phenomenon found only in a handful of Western nations (and Australia) that traditionally can be said to be thought of as “white nations”. China, for just one example, has no immigration policy or, despite the wealth it is always bragging about, assist refugees to the tune of practically zero percent. It donates some obligatory amount to an international fund and there is debate over that even. There is and always has been a total ban on travel from Muslim countries here and the total amount of foreigners living here at any given time (all foreigners of all colors and cultures) is around a half million people. In a country of almost 1.5 billion people you have about 600,000 foreigners. And this is true of the entire world actually except for about a dozen or so countries. Nobody here is fighting to have more white people or black people in the soap operas they show on TV, or to have more diversity in the films here and the one time it happens with Zhang Yimou’s The Wall (featuring white dude Matt Damon) it is a shit storm of “white washing” history. There are no groups of people here chanting NO BORDERS. It is a total homogenous culture with no intention of ever changing that. This diversity thing isn't even a pipe dream to 99% of the world. They don't want none of it.

The real Mary Jane/MJ. 
All American chick.
Do we want that for America? Of course not. America is more awesome than that. But one does not have to go to the total polar opposite either. I refuse to partake in any of it though as far as Hollywood or Marvel comics and the like goes. Diversity means straight, white guys who salute the flag and believe in the Christian God are okay too. And it is okay that Peter Parker falls in love with a member of his own race and that Mary Jane remain a feisty satirical red headed white girl, like she was in the old Johnny Romita drawn comic books, not some America hating smart ass chick of some dubious ethnic background. God I hated this girl. I will not see Annihilation because I want to see a guy on the team, not a bunch of phony girls being “badass”. In closing I see some similarity to what is happening here with the old days of Blaxploitation films, where white guys wrote and directed films for black “folks” in order to tap into that ticket buying market. Like Blacula, Shaft and Supefly. The people running the scenes at Marvel or the big film companies may be Social Justice Warriors, but they are still white and rich (and mostly guys) and they are the ones writing the stories for their own delusional liberal white agendas. When you read a comic book or see a movie where the world is turned upside down it is ran by woman or people of color it is being produced by a bunch of white guys. We’ll say 90% of the team. And you know, I just read that the new Ice Man is now gay, so lets not even go there.

The unreal Mary Jane. MJ the SWJ.
Burn America to the ground chick. 


Tom Dulski said...

My friends and I debate the same issues all the time, especially about Nick Fury who was always one of my favorites. I fear that it's going to continue too, prepare yourself for a Black Batman in the near future.

Bill Dan Courtney said...


Thanks for the comment. Like I said too black superheroes or characters are fine. Create some new ones. No need to rewrite the past out of guilt and shame and anger. But then if one says "gee, I dunno, I think maybe Alec Baldwin would have made a good Nick Fury (and I personally do)" then BOOM you are a racist. How can people have dialogs anymore?

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