16 December 2017


One of the most disappointing things about some newer films is sitting down to watch what you have read or heard will be a fairly passable horror film only have something like The Void tossed in your face like a bowl of rancid sauerkraut. Most reviews I had read seemed to talk about how this one harkened back to the cool practical effects laden John Carpenter styles flicks of the 80’s. Well, while the 80’s had it fair share and then some of bad films they were still in the end more entertaining than this mess, even the ones that had Klaus Kinski in them. It is mostly a bunch of people all holed up and an old hospital (thus creating your obligatory claustrophobic environment) all yelling and screaming at each other (thus creating your tense and dramatic moods) who have to fend off what appears to a Satanic branch of the KKK outside the hospital and keep from being killed by all sorts of slimy monsters from the inside. Sure, some of the monsters looked kind of cool, but not cool enough to compensate for all the shaky ass camera work and poor actors delivering poor dialog while trudging through the lackluster story line. I will be honest, I had to stop watching it after about 15 minutes do to the shaky cam work. I hate that shit. I did skim over the movie to get to the end and watched a few scenes here and there and later discovered online I was not the only one who had to resort to this method to at least half ass justify writing this “review” of the film. The movie stokes my ire all the more because of the plethora of praise online the film gets. Oh it played at this or that film festival and blah blah blah and who gives a damn. 

Speaking of John Carpenter (someone’s whose films I mostly like and The Thing remake is perhaps my favorite horror movie of all time) he said elsewhere, talking about all the bad horror movies we have to wade through these days, that there have always been bad horror movies, even in the 80’s, along with the good ones. Well, duh. The problem nowadays I feel is just the sheer volume of drek that is slamming viewers and that often sucks us in with alluring tag lines and cool "retro" styled  posters (like this one). It seems to never end. The lies and deceit. Even the old straight to video schlock of 90’s seems watchable in comparison. Well almost. That’s stuff sucked too. But it sucked and we all knew it sucked and no one lied about it. The filmmakers (like Charles Band and Lloyd Kaufman) knew it all sucked and it was done tongue in cheek. Some films played it serious and came out cool and campy. But all of this stuff like the void is, like modern music, lacking in some sort of fundamental sincerity of purpose. It is going to rely on post production trickery to make it marketable to the lowest common denominators of society (like myself I guess) and have members of the obscure cast and crew go onto IMDb and write bullshit 10 star reviews about it. I am beginning to realize a horror movie actually needs something called a budget after all and at least a few actors who have done something other than a few TV commercials or porn movies in their spotty careers. Lead actor Aaron poole is supposed to have some sort of TV pedigree but he was utterly boring and trying way too hard, and he was a s good as it gets here. Avoid the void.

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