11 October 2017


I wonder if anybody else out there ever went through a phase like I did, where they totally thought stuff like old Japanese exploitation type films were super arty and superior. They were all collectively cult classics and only a superior human being could appreciate them, someone with a higher intellect and exquisitely refined taste. Then after watching a couple hundred of these things you begin wondering to yourself, halfway through some storyline lacking but nicely shot  black and white Japanese film loaded with gratuitous nipple shots and white panties galore, "what the fuck is this garbage!?" 

This reaction is often from pathetic people who have been brainwashed by a country based around a profit driven corporate mentality (not Japan of course) into thinking that some big budget Hollywood film with a coherent story line and good acting and production values is better than some grainy ass film school experiment featuring girls with hairy arm pits. The same morons also think a hamburger and chili cheese fries is better grub than cold rice rolled up in seaweed and stuffed with raw fish. Losers. What do they know? But in the end we all know these films are in fact better, because they are usually loaded with lots of cute topless Japanese girls in underwear and that's what good film making has anyways been about in the end. (NOTE: Of course there are great films from Japan, especially from the late 50's to early 70's, and I have seen many, many. Of both the good and bad variety. Not all the films on this list are actually all that bad and a couple are almost kind of good. I just need to make that clear.)

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