21 May 2017


I really feel more and more I am reaching the end of the line for this little blog, although I am unwilling to pull the plug just yet. I have reached a place where only one of two things will happen, I will find some solution to the problem or just walk away from it all. I think it is okay that one loses the drive for things he was once passionate for, especially when the object of that passion starts to become more of an albatross around his neck than a source of motivation and inspiration. That being said, it is also doable that he can change his mind set and approach to what he has been doing and then sit back and see if that helps. You can see this in musicians who get older, who still make music but not the type they once made, often to the chagrin of their fans. There was a time that writing articles about cult and horror movies consumed me and drove me. I fought to maintain the blog from inside China where Blogger is blocked and there is no such culture here that supports horror movies and comic books. You may think there is, but there is not. But I fought and in my opinion churned out a fairly decent blog and had plans for more and more stuff, but a few things happened along the road and I just got more and more cynical and jaded about the whole fucking charade. 

I used to join all the blog clubs and host the gadgets and widgets and banners on my sacred sidebar. I used to sport my post visit tracker and links to my RSS feeds (remember RSS feeds and howe people actually followed them?) with pride. I gave replies to comments that were nearly posts in themselves. I used to leave a short positive comment on other people's posts if I liked them. Shit, I used to actually read other people's blogs. But in truth a couple weird exchanges with some assholes back when I was open to collaborating with other bloggers, the continued lack of comments or feedback, the shift from people sitting at a computer (as I am now) and browsing the Internet to people scrolling down a goddamned mobile device and my own dropping of all social media involvement (my Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Google + accounts have all been totally deleted) and my sudden lack of concern over comments or hits has put me in a strange place. And I can see it can either be a positive or negative thing. But probably negative knowing my "the glass is half empty" approach to life. Let me explore that a bit.

I am just going to post what I want (within the undulating context of the blog theme) and be damned with the results. My last three posts are an obit type thing (maybe my first and last of that style) and a couple Mexican comic book cover art posts. Coming up will be a Youtube video type category that will replace my stupid ass podcast. I will try to post something almost everyday, even if it is just a photo or gif, rather than wait until I get around to doing a big movie review. I do what I do and so mote be it.

I also removed an sort of gadget for Followers or that tracked visits here. I have gained about two new Followers over the last two years, taking my stagnant 150 all the way to 152. Why would I want to look at that? I may even disable comments if I remain annoyed at my lack of them. If people do not wish to leave them then I do not wish to receive them. It seems that that is how it is with many blogs these days. People skim and sample from their Galaxies or iPhones and do not have the inclination to leave a comment. I can understand it. But it still sucks and if the lack of comments or interaction aggravates me I may just take that concern off the table and blog for no other reason than I enjoy doing it for myself. I appreciate the traffic the site still gets, even after I have removed all social media linkings (Facebook, Twitter, Google + and all that) and I thank the people who drop in. I love you. But in the end it is ultimately it can become self defeating to want to have something and never get it. But in the end that is not the ultimate reason I do the blog. What is that reason? I dunno, neurosis maybe. And is there any better reason to labor away at something no one gives a hoot about but yourself?

NOTE: After this post I decided to set the restrictions on my comments to a place where they will basically disabled. I see no reason to have comments enables at this time. I think it only prevents me from wanting to blog more. If you like the content awesome and thank you. If you tried to leave a comment but could not I am truly sorry. I am not a misanthrope. But one comment every four or five months, maybe,  is not worth the effort of clicking on the little comment section button to check. 


Mike Tayse said...

I could certainly understand you not wanting to continue, it's work and if you're not into it anymore, that's certainly understandable. For what it's worth, I recently found you blog through Pappy's comics, or some such title and your blog design and subject matter are fun to look at! I don't subscribe to much, but I do read a lot of blogs and site on a regular basis. Best of luck with whatever you decide to do!

Michael said...

Please keep up the work. I love horror and b movies. This blog is something really great. I'm sorry I haven't commented before. It would be great to always be able to come to the Uranium Cafe! I have two desktop computers. Tonight I am going to watch Mama's Dirty Girls, Vampire Circus or Born Losers.


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