12 December 2016


Quite possibly my worst podcast ever. You don't want to miss it.



LeftFieldFilms said...

Thanks for messaging me the link through Facebook. I was curious why I couldn't reply so I'd guessed you'd deactivated your account. No big deal I suppose, I can still talk to you here and let you know I'm acknowledging your presence!

I'm kinda on the same page when it comes to Facebook. I've deactivated my account a few times and people didn't really care to notice. People are too absorbed in themselves, taking selfies and arguing in that "I'm right, you're wrong" attitude. I don't take the site seriously at all.

I've watched a couple of TV shows. Narco's was pretty decent, and the walking dead isn't bad. Watched the first season of Fear The Walking Dead and I knew there was a second season, but not 3!? They're churning that show out pretty quickly. Started watching The Exorcist but I'm not really digging it.

Looking forward to hearing some of your music soon. Never give up on that stuff, it's a good way to preserve your sanity.

I wouldn't mind hearing another podcast. I thought it wasn't bad really. Much better than some others I've heard!

Take care man, and I'll speak to you again soon! All the best from Scotland!


Donald Courtney said...

I am all about SYFY shows like Dark Matter and Killjoys. I also watch Van Helsing and Winnona Earp. Westworld was the best show I have seen on HBO. Even better than Game Of Thrones. I actually enjoy Fear The Walking Dead more than The Walking Dead. I found a nice sci-fi show Hunters. Getting back to nonstudio movies. Just watched The Day. Post apocalyptic well done. Very surprised by it. Worth a watch.

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