13 June 2016


DIRECTOR: Trevor Matthews/Jon Knautz
WRITER: Nick Gordon
CAST: Ali Corbin, Slaine, Adam DiMarco

Girl House is a Canadian produced slasher film that is set in South Carolina. It stars TV actress Ali Corbin as a nice girl who figures it is a god idea to do live sex shows on the online porn site Girl House. Okay, she's paying her way through college, so that makes it okay. On Girl House the girls are followed by live cams all day and night long by their drooling and masturbating followers. This means cams watching them cooking, playing pool, sleeping and even spending time in the bathroom. The house is called the Fort Knox of websites because of its high degree of security. Well, that’s not enough to keep out a relentless psycho called Loverboy (played by white rapper Slaine) who works in the computer tech field. I guess since he has an IT job repairing motherboards and plugging in cables correctly it puts him on a level to hack into any place he wants at a moment’s whim. Those are a couple problems with Girl House –nice girls doing porn and IT guys smarter than security at the CIA or NSA- but they can be easily over looked  as necessary plot devices to just get the ball rolling, and the heads. Girl House is not a bad slasher style flick and while it follows the formulas –in this case the classic slumber party/sorority house massacre type formulas- it does so in a fairly bleak and uncompromising way. The film has a European feel to it really, and for some reason the version I got a hold of even has German text all over the credits and in the shots of the chat logs. I could not find out why it had German as there is, at this point, little about this film online. 

The direction and camera work are pretty good and the script does not get blogged down too much in creating petty squabbles and conflicts between the girls in the house. It moves things along at a steady pace and when the killing begins it is all pretty gruesome and explicit, all done with old school practical effects. Sure, there are plot holes you can drive a truck through but that will always be the case with these types of films. And the film never, in my opinion, becomes some sort of psycho-sexual case study or social, moral message film about the evils of the online porn community.  It is just a slasher film and does not try to be much else. And it succeeds.  Some background to the character Loverboy is given but not enough that the film becomes a story from the killer’s POV. And if you read my last review, Charlie’s Farm, you may recall I felt the Charley character was more comical than menacing because of the lack of a good psycho slasher mask. In Girl House we get the best/worst of both worlds in that we get to see Loverboy sans mask and later with. And it is a pretty freaky mask too. It just really would not have worked had we had to see his face. The good direction, good enough dialog, atmosphere and brutality of the killings makes it a worthwhile watch for fans of the genre. And fans of pulsing pumping 80’s style synth will appreciate the effective score by tomandandy, the scoring duo from Texas and Canada. In the end I may have felt the final girl sequence between Loverboy and Kylie (Ali Corbin) was a bit rushed and Loverboy seemed tougher than that to me, but the film ultimately has more going for it than against it. Worth a look if you like porno slasher stalking mayhem. And who the hell doesn’t?

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