10 June 2016


WRITER: Chris Sun 
CAST:   Tara Reid, Nathan Jones, Kane Hodder, Bill Moseley

I typically like Australian horror and crime movies. Big fan I would say. They tend to be naturally gritty and raw since Australia and its population are gritty and raw.  This formula slasher flick let me down pretty bad as I was hoping for something special. I think after one has seen at least 100 of these types of films he does not expect much and expects the story to follow a certain formula. Like a decent pop song. If it diverges too much from the set rules it get s too unpredictable and more times than not that is not a good thing. How much more paint by the numbers can you get than a band of 20 something friends, two gals and two guys, deciding to venture off into the outback to stay at a deserted house in the remotest area of the wilderness steeped in violent urban lore. It is the farm and house that once belonged to John and Meredith Wilson, and their deformed and retarded offspring Charlie. John, played by Bill Moseley doing the only role he ever does, a quick talking redneck psycho, and Meredith have a hobby of killing backpackers and whoever they can. For a deserted stretch of the Aussie outback they never seem to run out of victims. The locals have had enough and one night take the law into their own hands. Skip to the future. The fact that Charlie was never found flames the local legends of the house and the still disappearing backpackers make the spot a mecca for, well, curious dumb asses like our little group.

The set up almost has to go this way and what makes this type of film entertaining or not at this point is how believable the story unfolds, how likable some of the characters are, how thrilling the killings will be, how well the story is paced and how decent the “must kill time until people start dying” dialog is, and most importantly, how engaging the killer is.  As is typical with these types of films the soon to be victims are mostly all unlikable. One disgusting fat guy farts and talks about bowel movements and yet still almost nails a pretty girl later in the film.  The dialog is not that good at all. People just show up into the story for no other reason than to add extra bodies to the plot. The actual action does not start until far too late and when it does it is pushed along way too fast, just to wrap up the movie and it ends on a very poor note indeed. But in the end the big problem is Charlie himself. I guess writer, director Chris Sun wanted to do something out of the box and made Charlie a slasher character without a mask. It was a big mistake since Charlie (played by Australian wrestler Nathan Jones) never comes off as scary or menacing, rather he is sort of comical as he briskly runs after victims and the camera focuses on his grinning, goofy face. In one scene he stands in front of actress Tara Reid and tosses his sword like weapon back and forth between his hands, like some Viking before a duel. The scene is utterly lame. The death scenes are often intense and in one case a girl has her jawbone ripped from her face and tossed away. Definitely worth a replay. But then the fat, farty guy gets his dick cut off and stuffed back down his throat. Simply inane. While not a great flick it does mark my return to blogging here at The Uranium Café. So it has that going for it. And that’s about it. 


Bob Johns said...

Is that Kane in the first picture? If so that is some kick ass make-up!

Bill Courtney said...

I do not think it is Kane, the wrestler who did some horror movies. I thought so when I first saw the movie. Says his names is Nathan Jones and he has done some other stuff too, like the new Mad Max film. You know, thew make up was okay, pretty good as you say, but I guess I felt the killer may have been scarier if he had worn the traditional cliche slasher mask and also if he had actually not been so big. I felt like he was more of some sort of Viking or Norseman running around rather than some kid who has survived in the outback and lived on rodents and roadkill all his life. but you might want to check it out yourself, and let me know how you feel. Lot of people dig it.

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