14 January 2016


I like Michael Madsen in that B-movie sort of way but never thought he had a vast acting range, until I began looking at these posters and stills of him online.  The man has much more acting ability than I gave him credit for, as in some of these pictures he is holding, often pointing directly at the camera, a pistol, while in others, to my shock, he is holding a rifle, often pointing directly at the camera. In one picture he steps way out of his comfort zone and is just pointing his finger, like a gun of course! But then he throws you for a loop and decides not to point directly at the camera. Blew me away. Well, I am eating crow big time now. This guy can act! And I had to rein myself in in terms of what I needed to download and share for this post. There are plenty more where these came from and this may become an ongoing category.

More of future Oscar winner Micheal Madsen pointing guns in your face here >>


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