03 October 2015


I guess reaching three hundred posts after almost ten years of blogging is no big deal really. But in the case of my little labor of love The Uranium Cafe the very fact it still exists at all is a near miracle. I began the blog in a couple other formats and addresses before it finally wound up here at Blogger, where for the most part it has found a home. Until Google someday discontinues Blogger and that is possible I guess, but I cannot control those big things. I live in China and have battled really from the beginning in ways you cannot imagine to keep the blog going from inside a country where Google and its products are brutally blocked. As are most outside (from where I am sitting) blogs, sites and services. I had to become a bit of a geek to figure out how to bypass this and that, and in the end my wife Ivy and I decided to fork over $70 a year for a VPN service that helps most of the time. Lately things have been running okay. But there were times when I almost just quit in total frustration. I had to learn to really accept a high degree of suffering to just maintain the site. These days I have returned to a sort of pure and nearly innocent approach to blogging. The attitude I had back around 2006 or so, before Facebook and Twitter (blocked in China of course) came to dominate the way people searched the net and shared information. Before people began reading on their Smart phones. And how can one sum up that approach? Well, I will blog even if no one reads my posts and the high point will be be if someone follows my blog or leaves a positive comment. I have deactivated my Facebook account. Not deleted mind you. I removed all FB and Twitter widgets from my sidebar. I will post what I want to post and in the tone and voice I choose. Hopefully somebody will like it. If not, that is cool too. 

I stopped my other blog called Necrotic Cinema a while back. It focused on more modern horror films. I will do those modern type reviews here now, as well as my old cult/underground/obscure stuff as well. In fact I will continue to stick to more obscure films for the most part,a s I always have, though I watch plenty of mainstream blockbusters as well and enjoy them. I just do not see why write one more review of The Titanic or Jurassic Park. I will continue as well with an occasional comic book post or whatever I want. Due to a series of events that have been a couple years in the making I find myself unemployed in China and living on a marriage visa with my wonderful wife. There is nothing else for me to do in China to make money and work laws are stringently enforced here. Violators are arrested, fined thousands of dollars and deported. Married to a Chinese lady and own property in China? Who cares. Have a baby in China? Tough... get out. Maybe you can come back in three years. So, being the paranoid I am I opt to not work and be safe and hopefully will figure out a way to make money online. But, the upside is I have lots of time now to blog, which I did not have much of before when I was working and too exhausted later to think and write. Teaching English to uninterested Chinese college students in the end took its toll on me and I am blessed I had an option in life. Some good friends did not and they left China long ago. I talked with an Australian friend friend today, be being back home in Oz now, and he geared me up and got me all positive. I also looked over some old blogs I used to follow. Many have long ago stopped being updated. Sadly too as most were great blogs and certainly inspirations to me. I just recall once wanting to do a fanzine, at my own expense. Then blogging came out and I always imagined it as my digital fanzine.

And why call it The Uranium Cafe? It is so named after the locally famous diner near Grants NM and I drove past that area once, on my way from San Antonio to Seattle in a U-haul truck,  and saw a roadside sign and it always stuck with me. I think the Cafe may be closed down now. Last I checked nobody knew for sure. When I began the blog I was going to make it one of those retro themed blogs. The name seemed to conjure up those types of images. It quickly turned into a movie themed blog and it has been a long hard journey for me to maintain it. And yet, maintain it I have. And I have decided I am not going to quit just yet. I still have something to say.



LeftFieldFilms said...

Hey Bill! Gkad to see you're continuing to blog. I noticed that you weren't on Facebook for the time being so I thought I'd annoy you here. Actually, I have always meant to leave a comment on your blog.

300 post's and 10 years is quite a landmark. Goes to show that it's a labour of love if you are still continuing despite the fact that China seems to be quite strict about this sort of stuff. I also know how hard it is to continue writing when you have a lack of comments. I haven't blogged for over a year partially because of this and personal problems. I'll eventually get back to it though.

Keep up the good work and all the best! Hope you're still experimenting with the music.


Bill Courtney said...

Hi Jim. Thanks for the support. Yea comments are a fucking joke and you won't get any unless you have big tits. You are the only person to say job well done on this post. IN the end one has to blog just for himself. Because he enjoys the process. I think we both agree we would work a little harder with some approbation and acknowledges appreciation, but you can't let that stop you in the end if you simply enjoy the process of making a decent post. Thanks man :)

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