07 September 2015


Utterly nothing original or noteworthy in the 2012 haunted house/poltergeist film The Apparition. The only redeeming quality the film has it that it features the shapely and demure Ashley Greene, better known as Alice Cullen from the Twilight movies. And she was my favorite of the blood suckers to be sure. I guess if you believe in the supernatural and ghost these types of movies will have more of an impact on you. I do not believe in ghostly realms myself and so these films, with a few exceptions, tend to not affect me too much unless they are done very well. The direction by first timer Todd Lincoln is not that bad and the photography and score are pretty decent. But the script itself, also by Lincoln, is the problem. It follows the formula laid out long ago by these types of films where the supernatural entity is regarded in scientific terms and psuedo-scientific methods are employed to observe or contain it. Nothing new either in terms of the unimposing, bland house in the suburbs or the young couple that come to occupy it. Some scenes are taken right out of Asian horror films and in particular The Grudge and The Ring. The shock value in films like this rely heavily on sound effects and unexpected visual scares. As well one must now have the fact that leaving the house does not end the terror as the entity will simply follow you wherever you go and modern filmmakers are not going to try and think of a reason to keep people in the house, like they did in Poltergeist. The movie cost about $17,000,000 to make and never even made half of that back. Seems that may have been due to a conflict between production company Dark Castle Films and distributor Warner Brothers. WB gave the film its smallest wide-release it ever gave any film during its distribution history, after the film sat on WB’s shelves for two years. And to be frank, while the film is not my cup of tea it is far from the worst choice for spending a movie watching evening. At least they did not make a crappy ass "found footage" film out of it. Included below are some photos of perky Ashley Greene. The film is worth watching just to catch her in her undies now and then. Really, it is. 



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