26 September 2015


This is maybe the third time since last Christmas I have come to a place where I want to quit Facebook. I know people quit to get attention and to check back and see who claims they will miss them and all their relevant postings. I have read online that most people who quit are like people who stop drinking, they quit and start back up and then quit again, until one day they actually quit. And rather then get into the reasons I am quitting I will just quit. There are reasons of course but mostly I just do not really fit into the whole social media movement. Why post this here? I will not delete my FB account or my UCafe page. The FB widgets will still appear. If anything they add a sense of "professional" too some seedy blog like this. "Whoa shit, this dude has a Facebook page and widget thingy! Sign me up baby!" My new posts will, I guess, still get posted to my timeline -they never seem to get added to my UCafe page and I give trying to figure that shit out- as will my life in China photos I share from Instagram and Tumblr. In time I may delete the account. It is an old account from the early days of FB and I guess I am not really in some bitter angry state. Just all burned out with the waste of time and energy and emotions sort of state. I also have never seen from my stats here where FB or Twitter ever contributed anything at all to my traffic. I get more traffic from Ukrainian spammers and Japanese pornographers (BTW, thanks guys) than from FB or Twitter. Yes, I will miss all the burn America to the ground, kill all white cops, Christians are stupid and hug a radical Muslim sentiments there, but I think in the end I will survive and be nonetheworse for the absence of FB in my daily life. If you agree, share this on Facebook, okay.

UPDATE ABOUT A WEEK LATER: Since this post I have deactivated (not deleted) my Facebook account and removed all FB and Twitter widgets from my sidebar. 


Bob Johns said...

I'm not a fan of Facebook and everybody's BS I don't need I have a page I check in once every month or so. So good for you!

Bill Courtney said...

Yea Bob, it was bhullshit. I never heard jack shit from my family, the same as when I situated close to them geographically. So that stay in touch with family members only works when there was some relationship to begin with. Not likely going to forge one over a social media outlet. And it seemed okay to my timeline flooded with all manner of opinions and liberal/leftist propaganda, but if on 9-11 I opted something pro-America rather than pro-ISIS or Saddam Hussein I was some sort of right wing redneck whacko who needed to be unfriended. WTF! and another "fellow" horror blogger unfriended me because I stated I hated the films of Wes Craven and said a particular transsexual with cosmetic surgery was butt ugly. Hell, it is too screwy there for me even, and I am flexible with screwy things. Thanks...

Anonymous said...

I don't know why anybody bothers with that crap in the first place.
In my day, if you wanted to talk to somebody, you just talked to them, or just got drunk and called 'em up on the phone. (useful for family members and ex-girlfriends)
We are too much with the world, always coming and going, getting no place. I try to avoid leaving a digital imprint. I value privacy.
I don't understand Twitter, nobody needs to hear every single thought that pops into my addled mind.
But hear I am, sharing my disjointed thoughts.
Let it go, my friend. People can get wrapped up in stupid things, I certainly have, and we're always better off when we let them go.
We did perfectly fine before all this nonsense.

Bill Courtney said...


Right. And if you had a shaky, borderline relationship, at best, with person X in the past chances are you are not going to mend things up over FB or Twitter. Sure there are some upsides. I deactivated my account but did not delete it. Who knows. But for now my FB time and energy can go back into pumping a little life back into this blog rather than looking for likes and shares under a picture of a chimpanzee smoking a cigar.

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