26 September 2015


I think today The Green Inferno by Eli Roth was officially released in the States -after a couple years in legal limbo- and I for one am looking forward to snagging a copy online (I live in China and this would never play in theaters here) from ye olde Pirate Bay as soon as a good rip is available. I guess Eli Roth takes a bashing in horror circles but I have to say I actually liked Hostel (not the 2nd one though it had moments) and Cabin Fever (and definitely not the 2nd one there). The only other film of his I am even aware if is Knock Knock with Keanu Reeves. It seems too seems to have been made in South America or in conjunction with South American cast and crew. Have yet to see it, so have to wait. Have yet to see Green Inferno but despite already some eye rolling I am going into this expecting s fun time. Hell, know it all college eco-nazis getting cannibalized, how can you go wrong. Anybody who knows a little about exploitation films will know something of the Cannibal Holocaust type films that mostly came out of Italy in the late 70's and early 80's. The usually involved lost Indian tribes in South America and were legendary for scenes of real animals being killed and skinned and eaten. I never was a big fan of them and I saw quite a few back in my VHS days. Some people are already knocking the new Roth film and stating how superior the old Italian cannibal films were. The Roth film would have to be pretty bad in order for it to be worse than those excursions into total drek. While the concept seemed great the execution of the story was so sub-par that I could not deal with it. It is a problem I have not only with Italian films of the period but most European horror after the 60's. I will assume from reviews that Roth is taking the film seriously and not making a parody or homage film with all sorts of  ultimately annoying Tarantino type in jokes and references.  I do not know yet. After Is ee it I will get back and let you know what I think about it. 

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