16 September 2015





Anonymous said...

Great post!
Yes, Jane Fonda truly had the power to break and bend men's minds. She could've had the power to take control of the Viet Cong as their goddess/ queen, and led a barbarian horde that would have swept over Asia and perhaps the world. But if she had, we never would have had the ELECTRIC HORSEMAN, would we?
Great blog, by the way, and thanks for hanging in there. I salute weirdness wherever it may be.
I love that picture of Isabella, by the way. Talk about the power to bend men's minds.

Bill Courtney said...

Jane definitely had a high wankability factor in Barbarella. I cannot she had it in other films, but she definitley7 had brains to go with that body and later took the rain route in films. But we always have this one.

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