16 September 2015


I have only seen three films by Samuel Fuller (The Steel Helmet, Shock Corridor and The Naked Kiss) but was really impressed with them for their handing of controversial topics in a Hollywood outsider style of filmmaking. They were all in strong b/w and packed with gritty dialog and strong performances from a cast  usually second string actors you would not recognize unless you were a fan of old B-movies.  I am seeking out a few more films to watch and while doing so I ran across this autobiography on Cinemageddon which I snagged up and will read on my iPad reader later. He looks like a real fimmaking hard ass with his huge stogie and wirey thick hair. I really know nothing at this point of his private life and loo forward to the read and will report back later with what I thought of it, along with a review or two of some of his film work.

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