22 August 2015


Writer/Director Eric England’s 2013 anti-vagina film Contracted was an interesting though slow paced twist on the zombie story. Over all a decent though, for some, disgusting horror movie.  His also released in  2013 film Roadside seems more like a take off on the Colin Farrell thriller Phone Booth, only without the tension and good acting. Some people remark that it started off good but petered out. I did not find it started off that all great myself. Others found the ending to be enough to redeem the entirety of the film that came before it because it was such a shock or something. I did not find the ending to be any such thing and I actually guessed correctly who the killer would be from the first time he is introduced at the film’s beginning. When there is only about half a dozen characters in a film and two of them are the protagonists it is not hard. Usually you focus on the one the director/writer is trying to have NOT appear like a psycho the most. The bulk of the film consists of the character Dan Summers standing on the side of a desolate road in freezing weather talking back and forth to a rather annoying sounding disembodied voice that belongs to a psycho with a scoped rifle. A big problem with the film is the voice of the perpetrator of evil. It sounds like the voice a TV commercial actor might assume for an insurance sales man. There is even an attempt on the part of the psycho to achieve the moral high ground by tormenting Dan over an infidelity Dan had engaged in. All the while Dan’s wife Mindy is in the SUV about to go into labor. There really is not enough drama or tension to keep the story afloat, what little story there is to begin with. In fact after about the midway point of the film I began fast forwarding it to the end just to get it all over with. But the opening title sequence was pretty good I guess. 

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