25 August 2015


A Satanic cult with cells across the USA are killing off college aged girls in a ritualistic fashion. The ritual involves the particular cult group chasing the girl down and filing it and then killing them off. Much more sporting than tying the girl up and stabbing her on a sacrificial alter. And it would seem problematic as well as surely now and then a girl or two will get away and report the incident to the cops. But putting away that tiny piece of illogic the film Kristy (2014) is not too bad for the stalked girl/terrorized horror genre. And if you think about it there is hardly any other genre in horror more popular than seeing a teenage or twenty something girl stalked and tormented by an individual psycho or band of them. Justine (Haley Bennett) stays on campus during the long Thanksgiving holiday and while on a munchie run at the convenient store she has the misfortune of crossing paths with nasty Violet (played by super beautiful Ashley Green from Twilight –the baseball pitcher-  who keeps her pierced face pretty much covered throughout the film) and she is designated as the next “Kristy” victim. In no time you have Justine being chased around the campus by Violet and three other male  cult members. It follows the standard formula where Justin is bruised and bashed and on the edge of defeat until a particular event pushes her just too far and she starts to fight back with a vengeance. As I have said in the past (I think) you simply cannot dispense with the few workable horror story formulas any more than you can dispense with standard pop song formulas. Usually attempts to do so are fraught with disaster. More it is matter of what you can do with the formula that makes the story watchable, or the song listenable. Writer/director Oliver Blackburn (the creator behind the equally charming family film Donkey Punch) handles the chores well enough. The dual female lead acting roles by Bennett and Green is convincing though I felt Green’s violet could have been explored a bit more. The violence is not over the top (well, for me anyway) and never evolves into gratuitous gore or torture-porn. If you listen to scores you will like this one. I love horror movie scores myself, especially with dark synth work. You could do worse than Kristy. 

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