25 April 2015


I have no idea what is up, but I am just getting more and more followers to this blog over at its Facebook Page. I tried to kill it but it won't stay dead. In fact it has more followers than The Uranium cafe has there. While I am really not in the mood to blog the way I used to it seems there is a market out there still Necrotic movie reviews, with the emphasis being on newer, modern horror films, with an often scathing tone running through the reviews. It is a bit odd. I have moved over half of the reviews here over to the UCafe and was considering disabling this blog when all of that was done. But I dunno, seems like I may continue with some blogging here after all. everyday NC has a follower or two. I like it. While the glory days of my manic blogging binges are over I still like to write and the next time I want to do a modern horror review it will be posted here. May still double post stuff over to the UCafe, to had some color to that site which is suffering from my blogging apathy as well. I am not writing much have I have yet to swear off blogging. The day may come. But I still enjoy it. Have watched gobs of stuff, most of total drek and deserving of an Uncle Bill review. Yea. I think Necrotic Cinema is alive again. In an undead sense of course. 


Rob S Gray said...

I feel you on that! Only mine is with twitter. My facebook barely does anything cause FB is blocking most blogspot/blogger sites calling them malicious. They've gotten both mine and The Oak Drive-In so far.

Either way, I always enjoy your work!

Bill Courtney said...

Yea, it is so weird. I am revving the blog. It seems to get a new follower each day. I can't figure out how any of this works. I guess just write or don't and don't get too deep with it all. Thanks man :)

Dr. Theda said...

Many of your post make for a great "read".... and you review films that I have not even heard of before... if not for your posts... we would probably never have heard of these movies... our best wishes to you good Sir..

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