02 October 2014


Do you like those old men's action mags from the 60's? You know the type. Nazi's feeding white girls to baboons while our shirtless hero sneaks up from behind with a revolver and knife. Well, I recall thumbing through a few of them and the interiors were basically wanting in anything of substance, but those darn covers (and some of the inside illustrations) were simply awesome to behold. Okay, I mean they were pretty sick, and twisted and misogynistic and all, but over all I liked 'em. I put together an assortment of covers and interior artwork without all the distracting blurbs. Just the paintings and drawing themselves. In all their horrific, sexist, racist grandeur. Yea, they don't make 'em like this anymore.These may be mostly some sort of reproductions according to some little watermark on most of the pictures, perhaps using Photoshop, but they are still pretty cool.

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Edward German said...

I have a fan of cover art for a while now. I have found cover art like this on flicker and follow one person who retuinely post it. this type of artwork does speak of a differnt time and age. It has been fun discovering this stuff that I did not knew exited untill now.