04 August 2014


Arch Hall Jr. is, among many things, known for being an actor, a musician, a pilot (of those really big planes) and adventurer and a writer. He is also a pretty nice and down to earth guy and to date the only person I ever harassed via Facebook that gave The Uranium Café a nice little interview. Okay, maybe I pushing it by hitting up Speilberg and De Niro, but they are not UCafe material anyway. Same to you Paul McCartney! Acrhe’s real calling in life was not to be an actor for Fairway International Films (headed by his dad the legendary Arch Hall Sr.) but rather to be a pilot and much of that time was spent flying passenger jets and cargo planes in and out of places like Southwest Asia and Africa. So Arch took a small hiatus from acting. A hiatus of about 50 years or so. But seems he is back to the screen in as of yet unreleased film called Lamb Feed, by director Michael S. Rodriquez. It is listed as a short on IMDB and there is really no information or synopsis to speak of yet. Here is some info Arch shared with me via Facebook about the film and it is enough to whet fan’s appetites I feel:

“Thanks Dan, [my middle name is Dan and I answer to it but only my family can call me Billy Dan! I'm  serious! Bill] all I know at this point is that the first public screening will be on October 19th in Tampa, FL. Michael will be flying in of course and I will drive over from the other side of the State. I know there is some buzz about perhaps a "European" version that may be deemed too much for the US but nothing for certain in stone.”

From what it looks like it is a “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” type film and maybe leaning towards the gore and dangling entrails type of thing. Since I have not seen it I cannot review it, but films here at the Café are usually pandered to and given a recommendation of one sort or another anyway. I save the scathing reviews for my other blog Necrotic Cinema, where the motto is “some films are better left dead”. No matter what the film’s technical quality may or not be, this is a film to see since it marks the return to acting of a film cult legend to be honest. Arch is enjoying a bit of a revival and his movies, like The Sadist and Wild Guitar, are popular with fans again as they are finally available again for viewing. In fact I have been meaning to do a review of The Choppers and Wild Guitar for way too long and this may be the time to do that though I am not I can find those disks here in this mess quickly. I would imagine there will be more information coming soon and if anything comes my way I will update this post. 

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Anonymous said...

Arch Hall Jr is an Awesome Person and a very good actor, I hope to see him in more projects after Lamb Feed. Pa Wicker.....

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