03 August 2014


William Lustig's 1980 film Maniac, with Joe Spinell and Caroline Munro, is not the easiest of films to get through even for die hard horror/gore hounds. The film is relentlessly depressing and brutal and is therefore one of my all time favorites of course. You wonder how people can get through a film like this and retain their sanity, but I found a few images online of the cast and crew taking it a bit easy between shots. If you're a fan of the fan these images may help you see the film in a new light. Gee, I know they did me. You can check out my review of this tasty ... er, nasty... little flick here while your at it. In the end, just a bunch of movie folk having a good time.


Alvin Brickrock said...

Thanks - really cool photos. I also really like this film, but for me the hardest part of the movie to get my mind around is Caroline Munro going on a date with Joe Spinell. Joe was truly one of a kind - I love his little part in THE SEVEN UPS.


Bill Courtney said...

Yea, and his brief part in Taxi Driver. "You gonna bust my chops?" I think every body had a hard time with the idea of not only his character dating Caroline Munro's character, but how it easy it was done. I believe they were real life friends, not sure. They made three films together that I know of. I think I reviewed them all here, Star Crash, this one and I forget the other one. The Last Horror Film? Too lazy to "research" the title now.

JP Mulvanetti said...

Yeah, Star Crash and The Last Horror Film were the ones they made together. It feels like a bit of stretch in the film, but it never takes me out of the movie altogether. Great photos, I don't believe I've ever seen these ones before! Spinell was great in everything he appeared in, I especially like his little moments in The Godfather films and Rocky.

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