06 June 2014


Well I got so excited about uploading some of these old screen captures that have been sitting on my hard drive for so long I thought I would do one more post. And there are the screen captures for the film Chijin No Ai, or Love for an Idiot as it is usually translated. This is a 1967 movie by Japanese director Yasuzo Masumuro and starring as the Lolitaesque Naomi (the name of the book by Junichiro Tanizaki) is the waifish but equally antagonistic Michiyo Okusu. I really developed a connection with film over time. I feel it kept pretty close to the book and recreated the bedroom scene (you'll now what I mean if you watch it) as well as it was laid out in the novel. I picked this up here in China on DVD while I was living up in Jilin City (not too far south from Siberia and North Korea) and was distressed that it did not have English subtitles. It was in Japanese with Chinese subtitles and i held on to it. Fast forward a few years and I am ripping DVDs and even ripping subtitles from DVDs for use with video files I am uploading to Cinemageddon and The Horror Charnel. I even tried a few at Karagarga but those uppity bastards pissed me off so I stopped dealing with them. Ripping subtitles in some sort of Roman character font (like English) is one thing, and it is nerve racking enough,  but it really cannot be done using Chinese characters. You are trying to go from the DVD subtitle file to something called an srt file and it is impossible basically using Chinese characters. I won't get into why, but just trust me. However I was able to get the time stamps in the srt file, the little sections where the dialog begins and ends for each person. This is really important and time saving. My wife is Chinese and we sat down to the task of her translating the Chinese into a rough English and me polishing up her sentences with my rather conservative but still colorful style of English. 

That was a job in itself as my wife and I do not always cooperate without conflicts on things like this, but the job got done eventually and it was quite the hit for a while at CG. A guy with more ripping savvy than I was able to add the subtitles to a DVD version and another chap really polished up my AVI file. It is my most downloaded upload over there and if you have an account there or want to get one (they are still an open private tracker but with strict rules as far ratios go) you can get the file from here:

It links from there to the DVD version as well I am sure. A few typos got past past me and I have since corrected those on my own private version and a while back some friends and my wife and I watched it together and it really is a nice film. BTW this is the first time the film has been translated into English and so it is a semi-historic moment. I beat the big studios to it. Now on to those screen captures.

Captures from another session

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