06 June 2014


I have lots of cool videos captures I need to share here. I started this project a while back but actually forgot all about it. These come from a couple sources. Captures I made for post reviews (which I tend not to do really any more and rely on found images on the net for a few reasons I may discuss another time) and captures I made for BT sites like Cinemageddon, where I think I uploaded about 80 movies there over a period of time. I do not do that stuff anymore but may get back into it. The high point in my uploading career came for me when I uploaded a version of Masumura's Love of an Idiot (Chijin No Ai and vidcaps of that will be coming) and my wife and I collaborated on the subtitles, and it was the first time the film had ever been subbed into English.  It was, as I said, my high point in myuploading endevours and the only reason I would do any upping these days is to simply maintain my ratio. But in the process of all of this I have lots and lots of video captures I made for promoting the video quality at CG or for a post here at the UCafe. And those days of original screen shots may well over here as it is too much work really and I am not sure the effort is appreciated (I'm a sensitive guy anymore) so I can put that time and energy into something else. This post features captures from the really not too good Golden Harvest interpretation of a Chinese folk story about Xiao Bai Cai ( literally Little Cabbage), an adulterous young girl and the torture inflicted on her and her lover. There are some other stories mixed in as well but I really did not follow much of what was going on. I upped these to Cinemageddon as full DVDs to boost my ratio during a free leech period basically. But I think a lot of people, like me, like looking over video captures. They should be in chronological order as far as the story line goes. More coming soon.


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