27 January 2014


Well, time for the 7th rambling, incoherent Uranium Cafe Podcast. First off at one point I black out and forget the name for enclosure links, used in setting up a podcast in a blog page. I called them brackets (and that is also a term) but in Blogger you will need to look for enclosure links and activate all of them. It is important for podcasters to know if you host your own blog at your own site. Blogger is set up to do this but people may not be aware of that. I talk about my interest in recording my own music. As well I give out tips on how I do my podcast, for better or worse. This was inspired by a Facebook post by a fellow blogger who is having issues hosting his podcast at one of those free podcast services. I had so much bad luck with all of those I thought I would share how I do it, and how many others do their podcasts as well, through the wonderful and free service at The Internet Archives. I touch a bit on some movies I have watched (but maybe not finished) on something in China called PPTV. The only movie I go into depth with is World War Z and during that I decided I would do a longer zombie themed podcast in the near future. Maybe the next time. I also make a goof -and a goof that I bet a few other people are making out there- in that I called 12 years a Slave by the wrong title of 7 Years a Slave. I hope I do not have to explain too much that I know the name of the film but just keep mixing it up with the other Brad Pitt film 7 Year in Tibet. It's a blunder but not going to make me give up blogging in disgrace.

You can find this file for embedding or downloading, along with lots of other nifty audio files, at:

Screen Shots of PPTV, an iPad App and computer software that shows streaming movies in China and where I watch almost all of my movies lately.

Also, problems with my Uranium Cafe Podcast RSS (Or Atom or whatever) feed at Feedburner have been fixed. If you like to follow blogs on a reader -like The Old Reader I recommend) then you can follow the podcast now (as there will be more more and more in the future finally) here: UCAFE PODCAST AT FEEDBURNER


msmariah said...

I didn't realize you lived in China. Good podcast. I think I can guess why WWZ didn't play in China. The book didn't portray China in a good light.

Bill D. Courtney said...

Hey, you listened! I am so happy. I never get comments here but I see by my stat thing my Podcast already ahs 70 visits. But the comments inspire me.

The govt here only allows 30 or 35 movies a year, maybe 35 now. Used me 20 a year or so back. they go for the big blockbusters but even yank those out of the theaters when they start over doing the Chinese flicks. recently at the end of the year a single Hollywood flick grosses more than all Chinese movie combined, so as much as the govt hates they have to give into theater owners who jut want to make money, regress of where the film was made.

And anything that "insults" China is either edited or blocked.

Hey, thanks for your comment :)

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