15 December 2013


I just checked my blog here and am shocked to see I have not done a post since Halloween. I am in a dry spell but this is just ridiculous. I am in the middle of writing some posts but have been pretty sick for a while and when I feel fluish and buggy I just can't write. The next post I get up here movie wise will be a review of the film Daughters of Darkness, one of my favorite of the Euro-horror style films from the seventies. I have also been trying to do some posting now and then for my sister of horror blog Necrotic Cinema. But I do not want either blog to dither away in oblivion -more than they already have due to Internet issues and my lack of passion these days- due to over neglect and so I need to for something simple and quick, and that is the ol' eye candy post. I have a few lined up and a couple of them require a bit more of writing on my part than this one. I simply like these blurb free images and want to share them whether I know anything about them or not. I am not sure what magazines these are from or who the artists are. But they certainly seem to set the right tone for an upcoming post on sexy European vampires of the Elizabeth Bathory variety. I would venture to say these are all Italian and/or Spanish fumetti horror magazines of the Sukia variety from the 70's and 80's. Well, when it is all said and done those Europeans may not be able to string a narrative together sensibly but they sure knew how to spice up otherwise drab moments of murder and necrophilia.


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Demented said...

Most of these paintings are from my personal collection. You can see many more and learn who the artists are on my website spaghettifumetti.com.