25 August 2013


Have you ever heard somebody who is preparing top make a statement use the phrase “as we all know” and then blather off something that you in no way agree with? I am sure you have. I am not one to use such obviously manipulative tools of argumentation. Usually. I am sure if I were to say “As we all know, the Steven Spielberg film Jaws is one of the most copied/ripped off films in history, and the iconic movie poster one of the most copied/ripped off posters ever produced” few people would have the audacity to argue with that. I got to see the original Jaws film when it came out. One of the few times, if not the only that I can remember, that my mom took me and my brothers and the cute neighbor girl Suzy Caraway to the cinema to see a film. It was and still is a great movie and yet I also recall the film industry of the time wasted little time in churning out clones of the movie, many of them coming out of Europe even, and Italy in particular. I didn’t get to see those films but read about them in monster magazines and when VHS tapes hit the scene in the late 80’s I found I had little interest in seeing those types of movies. Well, the whole big fish exploitation genre has never died off, and now with cost effective computer generated images and straight to DVD movies being a popular source, for better and worse, for horror film makers to release super b-movies the beasts are swimming up from the loathsome depths of the ocean (and sometimes snow banks and beaches themselves) to attack unwary swimmers.

A lot of these films are total gimmicks, if not all. I imagine somebody comes up with a name like “Sharktopus” and pitches it to a Roger Corman type film company and then the script is typed up in a week or less and then shooting commences with a cast of mostly no name actors and maybe one used to have a name type actor who needs to pay the rent.  I have seen my share of these films and to be honest I can enjoy them in a no-brainer type of way, but they can get pretty irritating really. The acting is way too bad, the stories are comic bookish at best and the CGI effects are more like some art school 3D Max assignment. I just watched an Italian film called Devil Fish (MST3K version and review coming soon actually) and while checking into it I started putting together all these wild shark movie posters. The posters are far cooler than most of these moves (the ones I’ve seen anyway) and they are films that are trying hard, I hope, to be campy and cheesy. Of course a few are trying hard to be serious -like Devil Fish did and bombed- and those are the really fun ones to watch. And compiling these mages made me remember I still need to finish Hammerhead! Let me go find that and I hope I did not not forget too much of the riveting plot. 

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