20 July 2013


Sukia was similar to the Italian horror magazine Hembras Peligrosas (covers from HP coming soon) in layout and artwork. The stories were nicely drawn and a little over the top in some ways with their graphic depictions of sex and violence. Sukia Gragomic was a vampire who with her swishy gay servant Gary faced various evils through the course of the magazine’s 153 issue run from 1977 to 1986. The covers were outstanding in their luridness and eye to detail and were drawn in that distinctly European style of the time. There were some sites that featured many of the interior stories of Sukia and Hembras Peligrosas but sadly they have long been taken down by the people who ran them. I have a few interior stores here somewhere and will put up some samples here eventually but for now make due with this exciting covers. This is great stuff and I know people always say this but it true; they just don’t draw comics like this anymore.





Erich Kuersten said...

THis i pretty the kinky limb out you get on Bill, muy peligrosa d'ellas, si or no? I do like the way the models heads seem so familiar and kind of out of place in the context, like you remember the pictures the artists must have been working from, tweaking them just enough to get lawsuits. Nice find

Bill D. Courtney said...


Although the drawings/paintings here are pretty photo realistic in some ways, when I first saw these covers I was not attracted to them for that very reason. The faces looked too much like a model's. It is the same reason I used to not like the paintings of Boris Vallejo compared to some one like Frazetta. Not comic comic enough, but I have changed my opinion since those days. If "muy peligrosa d'ellas" translates as "very dangerous female4s/women" then si si it is.