08 July 2013


When I first shifted this blog way back when from a sort of all retro blog to more of a midnight movie type blog one thing I wanted to do was feature full length films for readers to sample. Of course I wanted to offer up some freaky rarities and so I uploaded almost 200 movies from my collection to the old Google Video, which allowed files of that size and length. I had many more but  like all things once cool and Google related the Google Video service was discontinued as far as uploading went. The films could still be viewed and embedded  for a long time and I thought that service would always continue, but recently they stopped the playback option. I tried another service at Viddler, back when it was free and not $50 a month!, and yet had to reduce the file size to under 500 MB to be ale to upload it there. I began worrying about my account being discontinued at Viddler (which is no longer that cool itself really) for copyright violations and even worried about the almighty Google stopping my blog product over an unknown movie I shared with curious fans out of the kindness of my greedy, free movie downloading heart. Little by little the whole affair has become too much for me and I just decided I did not want to embed movies from mucked up Youtube here. The 26 movies I had here actually had more hits than I thought, but they are all taken now and I now lay to rest that once grand dream. I will, instead, focus on reviewing the films and improving my writing style to such a degree that my mere words will paint the image of those classics like The Creeping Terror and Feast of Flesh on your mind's eye. Bye bye Uranium Cafe Matinee.


Francisco Gonzalez said...

I look forward to reading those reviews!

Bill D. Courtney said...

Thanks. two coming. Daughters of Darkness and Nightmare castle. Sadly having serious connection issues, but will plow forward best I can. Also, my A to Z menu area is almost caught up. will be shortly. Can check that out while you wait. Thanks


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