07 July 2013


This most recent period of not blogging regularly here or at the always neglected Necrotic Cinema is probably my longest and least fruitful since I began the whole movie blogging labor of love deal some seven years ago. Actually in no way am I giving up on blogging nor have I lost my over all passion for it. I simply had other issues going on, and in fact I did get more than a little burned out.  But the truth be told I have been putting in lots of energy into doing some of my little music projects. I have been trying to learn some not too easy software like Kontakt and Reaktor, and Ableton Live and Sonar X2. A lot of it is coming out as sound track stuff and I think I will be sharing those pieces here. I tried to launch a music blog but it is too much really. This blog gets 500 to 600 hits a day now with no updates, and some of my side projects get two hits a week maybe. So I think those will be showing up here under some new category in the future. I will also be returning to podcasting as well since acquiring a new condenser microphone. That working with Ableton Live will create some new and utterly groovy podcasts, the likes of which mankind has yet to hear. Okay, well maybe not anything like that. While I liked podcasting but the technical side and problems there burned me out. I am can be a bit of a neurotic perfectionist who at the end of the day achieves mediocrity at best, but it has to be the most perfect mediocrity possible or I am not happy! And thanks to a couple friends who heard my old podcasts and encouraged to revive them. But the deal here is I am have been active with time and energy consuming side projects and have never sworn off my duty to the Uranium Café and its elite legion of sycophants. The Bavarian Illuminati of blog followers.

There have been some personal issues as well that I will skirt around as I am not one of those types who shares his private life on his movie blog. Had some annoying, at best, issues with my job and living situation here in China that consumed lots of my energy. When you’re dealing with stuff like this it can be hard to want to write a review of The Wasp Woman. Much of that has settled out and my wife and I are in a new place, but there is a little glitch. My new Internet service really sucks. Meaning basically my spirit is back into blogging but my connection may not be. Blogger (like most Western web sites) is blocked in China and I have to use a VPN service to see it much less update it. If your net is unstable then something like a VPN only complicates things. Those goddamned commie bastards! Yet according to the CCP in Beijing, China has the freest, most open Internet in the world. Well, let’s not go down that street or it will never end with me. In the end I will try to keep it going best I can. On the matter of connection I can make no promises and it is frustrating as hell for me to endure, believe me, and sometimes I just feel like I need a hug.

I still follow blogs and read them on The Old Reader now that the worse than commie China entity known as Google decided to drop The Google Reader. Wake up every day to a world I can’t understand though I try. Traitors who release secret documents to the enemies of the US become heroes, cowardly religious fanatics (okay, Muslims) blow up people in Boston and machine gun down Chinese hikers in Pakistan, and Twinkies and Google Reader vanish from the face of the Earth and Justin Beiber’s monkey is seized in Germany. Sometimes I have to make up reasons to get out of bed n the morning.

But enough of this idle chatter. What say you I try to do a post or two today? Maybe Daughters of Darkness or Nightmare Castle, and some kinky Fumetti covers? Lets push this connection to the max.

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