10 April 2013


I can't find much information on this spicy looking comic book in English other than it started off as an Italian Fumetti style comic and then was translated in a few other languages, including Turkish. Most of these covers are from the Turkish translation and I gained information on them from my Uranium Cafe Group at Facebook from a comment left by a member of the group. His site and related post is here  and is in Turkish but I have long found that Turkish bloggers are into some tasty trash culture. Some of from the decadent west and some from Turkey itself. I am "researching" the Kilink films (based on a Fumetti as well) now and you can expect something on them in the future. Weird stuff. So even if you cannot read the text it is great to see the passion going into these posts and the wealth of obscure images that accompany them.  I even stumbled across some actual interior artwork at a site and will share a few panels for that. There are too many panels to post in their entirety and that link is here at BDTrash if you want to check all of them out. Seems the books may have been made in some movies as well and I may see if those are available at Cinemageddon, where I get the material for a lot of these posts. (I just  checked and there was nothing available.) In fact the term Jungla may not even be the girl's name but a term for Jungle itself, as I have seen it before in movie posters and comic book covers. I am not sure what the girl's name is even. Maybe it is Jungla. Who knows.

Again the stuff is Fumetti style which I am not a huge fan of really. I cleared out all my old Fumetti posts from the site here for a couple reasons a while back. 1) Some were just more graphic than I was comfortable with for this blog and felt there they were over the top really, 2) I got pissed off that those sicko covers -though well drawn and sort of fun to look over- and poorly near non-written posts became my most popular in no time 3) and I discontinued my Rapidhaare account after RS started sucking more than I could deal with and the links I had to those posts -with collections of Fumetti comic books- were lost. I will be restarting some Fumetti posts but with a different approach. They are a strange and non-American little sector of the comic book genre. The covers are often well done and lurid but the interior artwork always paled in comparison. But the drawings for Jungla are a notch above most I have seen. I have no idea who the artists are and if anybody knows more about this series please let me know. All I can say in conclusion is I am a huge fan of jungle films (my Jungle Jim article -and part one of a series- having now become my number one most visited post) and I love "white girls in the jungle movies" and comics. My problem here is I have too much material to draw from and I am not a steady blogger, or I could just about run a blog just on jungle stuff alone. For settle for my Kings and Queens of the Jungle category and lets hope it grows.

Some interior drawings from a Jungla comic book:

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