29 March 2013


I have had a long hiatus here at the UCafe and at Necrotic Cinema and there are no particular reasons for that that I can think of off hand. Not any sort of anti-blogging attitude or that sort of thing that sometimes drives bloggers away from updating. Just had other things going on that took up a lot of time and energy and to some degree got a little burned out. But will be doing some stuff here in the way of "cleaning up" some old posts here at the Uranium Cafe, in particular posts that had links to my now cancelled Rapidshare account. No sense getting into an editorial about all that. But it is also something I have long debated anyway, in terms of what I want the content of the blog to be about primarily. So the whole music side will vanish and those posts, for the most part, will be deleted along with the non-working Rapidshare links. Same with the comic book links and Rapidshare links. There were lots of downloads of those files to be honest. But the Rapidshare deal is not an option anymore and it was too much anyway. I think the music and comic book categories were taking me off the the path I really wanted to follow and that is, basically, old obscure movies. And not to say those categories are dead and defunct, but will be handled in some different way in the future.

Also looking at getting back to podcasting shortly. I have a new Behringer condenser microphone and it all sounds really good. Had some compliments on my old podcasts recently and that was enough to get me motivated.

The short story is that for several months I have been trying to learn some new music software and hardware. That with my real world work and life just left me with no time or energy for this site. But I sat back a week ago and went through old posts and realized how much I actually loved the blog and it was not time to just surrender completely, though I never felt that that was what was going on anyway. Sometimes it can be good and healthy to get away from blogs or things that consume our lives daily for a bit and get a new perspective on them. But after a re-watch with a mate of Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! I am reminded of what my calling in life is. Some organizing then some psots in the works. 


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