16 July 2012


 Most of the wonderful females that make it to the Pin Up Girl category here at the Uranium Cafe or at the Necro Girl category over at my other blog Necrotic Cinema are often actresses and models way past their prime, if not, sadly, already passed away. I am trying to keep their memories alive and miss the way women used to look I guess. Strange maybe. Recently I decided that women still alive and in full bloom deserve some recognition as well, and my post on model Katja Cintja a while back was my first such post. For this post I want to introduce not only a very beautiful and exotic lady from Britain, but a genuinely talented and hard working one as well. At a mere 24 years of age the exotic Jet Noir is in the midst of launching her music career with her special style of dance beats and lush techo. She has a haunting and powerful voice and she is an instrumentalist as well, having learned guitar, violin and piano as a child. She is involved with film soundtracks as well now and works with the coolly named Acrahnoid Records in the UK. I know some people don't like dance beats and techno stuff. They don't even like Merle Haggard. I am a rock-n-roller at heart myself, but I like this stuff really and lay around with some stuff here. I am too old and have lost my coolness so I can't really get into the culture around it, but I think a lot of the music is great and is of a soundtrack nature. She is branching out into modeling and has done some acting in videos and an independent film shot in the US. She is a post contributor to the Domain of Horror as well.

She has a classic Goth look with a hint of the old horror hostess vibe. And she is pretty darn nice as I had a small chat with her on Facebook earlier. Typically when I try to chat with somebody who is a bit famous they send me a link to their website and never chat back. She is cool though and got back and chatted a bit, like the legendary Arch Hall Jr. did. Ted V. Mikels just sent a link, but I still worship the guy. Like I am the only person trying to squeeze a chat out of that man. I am embedding a player featuring tracks from her EP at Bandcamp called Sensory Overload. She has other styles as well –some being rather ethereal in sound- and you can find her promoting her work with vigor on various sites on the net right now. I only found about this person a couple days ago and I hope this post brings her and her work into the lives of the readers of the UCafe and Necrotic Cinema. I think she is so talented and cool (and still young and alive!) that I am posting this pierce on both blogs. A first I think. 

 Here is her Facebook Page for further information:

And of course, this post is loaded with titillating pictures of Ms. Noir. But don't let her pretty face and healthy body keep you transfixed on the surface charms. She is bright and dedicated and super talented. Hope to see her in some professionally produced videos or film roles soon.


NOTE: Samples from Jet's EP had to be removed because the Widget stopped working. Sorry.

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