27 March 2012



I have not been too active here at the The Uranium Cafe for a few reasons. One might be some slight burn out. That comes and goes. Plenty of stuff to write about and pander and will be getting around to that shortly. Spent some time transferring Necrotic Cinema over to this account and need to get some new posts going there, but some other blog stuff going on as well. Figuring out some new recording software and working with some music recordings  (and the weird world of VSTs) and hope some of that will eventually be of a share worthy quality. Much of it is just fooling around, but may be some material worth sharing. While doing that stuff and moving Necrotic I went ahead and set up a music related site I have been wanting to launch for a while now. The site name is Miasma Inc. and it a term I use for my music projects and basically is an umbrella for all my blog projects. I will be just posting whatever comes to mind there that is music related and will be hosting original music there as well. I have an  old Youtube site that is for some music and video projects and I will revive that and link it up to Miasma Inc. eventually.Not much there yet but please drop by and follow it if you want. Some stuff already up. I will continue to do some music posts here but may decrease those type of posts here at the Cafe and just link to posts over there. or, I may not since my music type posts here are some of my most popular. Who knows what will happen. May share posts between sites as well. Why not, right?

The other project is my Project Terror blog. It is a thing I have also had in mind for a while. Simply an image blog. Poster. Stills. Lobby cards. Trailers or full length films, and basically no text. I have seen some blogs that do this I really like the way they look. Can be something to do when I am not in the mood to write. I have lots of images here on my hard drive worth sharing, and in particular movie posters. May be  putting up screen capture posts, both original and stuff I find online. Will try to only use what I think are good quality and harder to find images. Again, some stuff there. No traffic or followers to speak of. Only my buddy the blog legend King Ghidorah so far. But some cool stuff there so far I think and I like the way the site has developed in only a couple weeks or so. So while I have been remiss in updating my site here, my number one site and love, I have not been just lying around on my ass all day either. okay, I have been doing that too. But I have been up to some new stuff and plan on being back here shortly with some new material.


Dr. Theda said...

Thank you for joining us here at the Crypt.... I really like that your Dr. Phibes icon is on my blog as well as the "Yellow Phantom" of the Devil's Workshop .... They do some really cool Masks...
Your "fiend" ....Dr. Theda

Bill D. Courtney said...

Stay in touch Dr. Seems we have similar interests movie wise.

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